Men's suit accessories: The seven-fold tie

The best neckties are made of pure silk or pure wool, but the indication 'all silk' or '100% cashmere' on the label, doesn't tell us the whole truth about the nature of the tie. It would be more accurate if says 'shell fabric all silk' or 'shell made of 100% cashmere', because even the best ties has a lining, which is not made of silk or cashmere, but they don't mention this.

But there are neckties made completely out of silk, which doesn't have lining of any other material. This rare and as a rule more expensive masterpiece is called 'seven-fold tie'. The name states for a manufacturing method, in which the tie is made out of a single piece of silk fabric that is folded 7 times. So, the 'seven-fold tie' is made entirely of 100% pure silk fabric.

Men's suit accessories: The seven-fold tie

'Seven-fold tie' is a Non plus ultra (the most profound degree of a quality) of 'tie-making', and also a Non plus ultra of Understatements.

The best of the best... If you can afford it...

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