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FENIX ’94 Ltd. is a socks manufacturer based in the central industrial area of the city of Ruse, BULGARIA, Eastern Europe, in an own building with contemporary infrastructure. The town is situated on the thoroughfare from Turkey to Europe – on the Danube river at the border with Romania.

All types of socks are manufactured within the standard men’s, ladies’ and children’s sizes but also in specified by the customer ones.

Socks production

Fenix '94 Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ruse city, of the Bulgarian Fashion Association and of the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

FENIX ’94 Ltd. has three main sections – socks production facility with two workshops, warehouses - one for the raw materials and one for the ready socks as well as administration including a commercial department. It is in charge for the building and the managing of the socks wholesale and custom socks manufacturing orders. The company has agents on the foreign markets as well as its own shops for socks retail.

The company has 150 employees. They are acquainted with the novelties in the field of the socks production every 6 months and the ones in the production attend training courses in the country and abroad in order to enhance their qualification.

The modern technologies, the high level of the quality control and also the long experience with the clients have made their products preferable on the local and on the EU market.

The production is divided in the following processes:


74 double cylinder knitting machines with 130, 156, 168 and 176 needles – monthly capacity of approx. 250 000 pairs of plain classic, jacquard, link jacquard and derby (rips) styles

44 single cylinder knitting machines with 108, 112, 144, 156 and 200 needles – monthly capacity of approx. 250 000 pairs of plain, terry and half terry (normal and sandwich), fancy and sport styles with up to 5 col. in a knit-line with reversed welt.


Done on high quality hand-linking equipment with a monthly capacity of 85 000 pairs and on specialized linear “rosso” machines incl. such with fine flat stitching functions with a monthly capacity of approx. 500 000 pairs.


It aims at the improvement of the touch, the appearance and all technical parameters of the socks. The additional treatments include softening, aloe vera, special long lasting anti-bacterial processing incl. Santized© & Silver ions and real cool cotton max© dressing for fast moisture absorbing with improved by Fenix ‘94 technical parameters compared to the standard ones.


Done via steam fixing on automats with special moldings or manually on electrically heated moulds.

QA experts are working in every department of the socks company.

Sorting and packaging of socks with strict compliance to customer’s requirements.

Socks are made of the following materials

Bamboo socksBamboo fibres – they have unusual ability to breathe and keep cool. Because the cross-section of the bamboo the fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes and has much better micro-structure, bamboo socks can absorb and evaporate human sweet in a split second. The bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and are praised as “the natural, green and eco-friendly new-type textile material of the 21th sentury”.

ModalModal – this is a cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose. It’s about 50% more hygroscopic ( water-absorbent) per unit volume than cotton. Socks made from modal & modal mixtures such as Modal-cotton and Modal-PES are resistant to shrinkage & fading and are smooth & soft. Mineral deposits from hard water do not stick to the fibres. Its supple texture, soft look and brilliant silky sheen make Lenzing Modal particulary attractive for socks and underwear.

Cotton socks100% Cotton – is soft, natural fiber that absorbs moisture easily and drawns heat away from the skin to keep cool, making it comfortable to ware. It can absorb up to one fifth of its weight in water before it feels damp. We have developed a special finish of the cotton socks which provides even faster absorbing of the body wet and its leading to the surface where it easily vapours.

ClimayarnClimayarn – this is an intimate mixture of MERINO WOOL (superwasch) and POLYPROPYLENE. These yarns have the function of temperature regulation in the conditions of extreme temperature variation. For example, it has a warming effect in cold weather and prevents overheating in hot weather.

CoolmaxCoolmax® has proven to reduce skin temperature, lower heart hydration during exercise and maintain hydration while offering excellent moisture management.

Socks from ThermoliteThermolite® – provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It’s the lightweight material that provides heavy-duty performance since the hollow-core fibres air for greater insulation. Plus your skin remains dry because it absorbs the wet 20@ faster than other similar yarns and 50% faster than cotton.

Socks from Merino woolMerino Wool – It is the highest and finest type of wool obtainable. It does not itch and is shrink-treated to hold its size and shape.

Prolen SiltexProlen® Siltex – Progressive antibacterially modified polypropylene fibres Prolen® Syltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, funghi and moulds. This way they reduce unpleasant smells, keep a biological balance of the skin and set a hygenic freshness to the product during the whole day. They are harmless for man and the environment.

TactelTactel® – The durability, colour retention and easy care make it perfect fiber for socks. Tactel® is a DuPont brand of micro fiber hosiery yarns that delivers the ultimate in softness.

TeflonTeflon® PTFE fluoropolymer – these fibers exhibit none of the cold-flow problems of PTFE films, so they are more stable under extremes of heat and pressure.
The yarns have higher tensile strenght and abrasion resistance than a comparable PTFE film. Moreover the socks made out of Teflon® yarns exhibit also greater chemical and wet resistance than PTFE films.

LycraLycra® – adding as little as 2 to 3 percent of Lycra® to cotton or wool allows socks to aquire superior staying power and ultimate stretch.
This assures superior wear, comfort, excellent size and shape after repeated wear and laundering.

CoolcottonCool Cotton Max – Cotton is a soft, natural fiber that absorbs moisture easily and drawns heat away from the skin to keep cool, making it comfortable to ware. It can absorb up to one fifth of its weight in water before it feels damp. We have developed a special finish of the cotton socks which provides even faster absorbing of the body wet and its leading to the surface where it easily vapours.

Sanitized silverSanitized® Silver – a special finish which keeps away the odour and provides long lasting antibacterial protection.

Sustainable socks production

Sustainability is very important for the company. The working process has practically no emissions of noxious substances and all socks are free of toxic matters which is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex 100© laboratories with the certificate nr. 07.RD.51267.

The socks are made out of raw materials delivered only from producers which can guarantee a production according to the latest ecological requirements. So the company can ensure all their current and future customers that they will receive modern articles that don’t harm the environment.

Casual Socks

FENIX '94 Ltd. has built many long term relationships producing numerous socks for many international brands. Among them are Reebok, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Go Sport, Olympia, C&A, Quelle, Carrefour, Hema, Tschibo etc. Thanks to their partners nowadays the company is at the leading positions in its branch and all their products have become a synonym of high quality and present fashion. These collaborations affected also the level of the services they offer helping them to achieve higher effectiveness levels in a very short period of time.

Contact the socks manufacturer Fenix '94 Ltd. at fenix94@bgfashion.net

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