Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

You know that the Italians are famous with their sense of style and their tailor-made suits. We present you six of the best tailors in Italy, known with their masterpieces in the field of fashion and menswear.

Italian suits

1. Caruso - The evolution from the prototype to the suit is in the hands of the seamstresses and tailors at Caruso. Although on average these artisans are only about forty years old, they produce the finest articles of clothing in the world. They are used to cutting, smoothing, assembling, and rounding every sort of jacket for men. All the different fabrics, embroidery, yarn and accessories have been seen selected and shaped by the staff in Soragna. These teams have accumulated a collective expertise that is unique in the trade, because they combine in a single production site an artisan workshop, a creative studio, as well as all the innovation that is associated with modern industry.

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

2. Kiton - There are tailor-cut suits, ready-to-wear and mass production, but people, who think that there are all kinds of men's garments is in a huge and sad illusion. There is fourth dimension and it's called Kiton. And it's not just about the factory, where suits are tailored in an old-mannered rules of sartorial art, but also about the exclusive vision, which Kiton gives.

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

3. Rubinacci - The Rubinacci jackets, famous for their lightness and detailed workmanship, come in various styles such as sport jackets, shirt jackets and double face. Made of precious fabrics, from cashmere to vintage, taken from the company archives, they always respect the mythical and traditional bespoke, the pride of the Rubinacci family and its talented artisans. Each detail is given great attention, including horn buttons and 100% silk lining.

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

4. Isaia - Their Positioning is one of "More Than Tradition" it is one of Contemporary Tradition. Isaia is about the ability to re-interpret the heritage and excellence of the Sartorial Tradition, to make it relevant for the "New Gentlemen". The Contemporary Tradition: Isaia, tradition meets innovation the heritage of Naples becomes passion. The same passion that vibrates in the new gentlemen men with dynamic lives, successful careers, naturally elegant, sophisticated in the details that reveal who they are. Isaia is not a garment they wear it is a world that represents them and never stops to intrigue and surprise them. These New Gentlemen love to be noticed, they are not afraid to stand out, they express themselves with a personal style, part Gentleman, part Dandy, unmistakably stylish.

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

5. Boglioli - Boglioli shows the rare ability to combine tradition and innovation. Craft expertise, enhanced over the decades, underpins every garment at Boglioli factory. This “know-how” is at the basis of all the company’s creative potential. Nowadays the Boglioli family chooses to sell part of the brand to Wise, an Italian private equity fund that acquired the full control of the company in recent years. The K-Jacket, Dover and Coat lines are the symbols of the company’s ability to combine research and tradition. An innovative garment-dyeing process gives the jackets a refined, lived-in look, and enhances their glamorous appearance with an impeccable tailored cut

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

6. MP Massimo Piombo - An aesthetic vision, a blend of tradition and contemporary emerge from unique designs and exclusive fabrics, ranging from the highest Made in Italy quality to the most remote corners of the world. The result is a total look of unique garments, each one with its own distinctiveness and history, embedded to its traditions and craftsmanship expertise of tailoring manufacturing entirely Made in Italy.

Top 6 tailors you must visit in Italy

1. Italian suit by Caruso
2. Italian suit by Kiton
3. Italian suit by Rubinacci
4. Italian suit by Isaia
5. Italian suit by Boglioli
6. Italian suit by MP Massimo Piombo

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