Why is wool the best material for men's suits

Wool has some characteristics that made it undoubtedly the best material for men's suits.

Why is wool the best material for men's suits

- Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.

- Wool absorbs and releases moisture quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe".

- Wool is dirt resistant, flame resistant, and, in many weaves, resists wear and tear.

- Wool acts as an insulator so it is very warm.

- Wool can be scratchy, but not all wool is scratchy. In fact, some can be extremely soft, such as Angora Wool.

- Wool is stronger when dry.

- Because wool garments do not soil easily, they do not need to be cleaned after every use.

Why is wool the best material for men's suits
Model from Richmart men's suit collection

Recommended care for most wool garments is dry cleaning, however washable wools do exist.

There are some specific types of wool:
Alpaca Fleece, Angora, Cashmere, Mohair, Camel Hair, Virgin Wool, Boiled Wool.

Those types of wool are rich, soft, and silky with considerable luster.
The insulate well and are lightweight.
They are resilient and have good elasticity.
They are naturally water-resistant. Drape well.

There are a few simple rules, which it is well to have in mind to care best for your wool suits:

1. Buy yourself a high quality suit - for best mens suits rely on trusted manufacturers. Check the fabric. It must be made of natural materials like merino wool, cool wool, boiled wool, cashmere, etc. Wool is the most commonly used material for suits and jackets. Define the occasions for the suit (for everyday use, business, formal) and than choose the fiber fineness (110's, 120-150's, 180's). The finer fabric makes the suit more expensive and requires special maintenance. Never choose a suit made of polyester or other synthetic materials.

2. When wearing a suit, it is important to know that fine fibers (150's and upper) should be worn only twice a week - in the rest of the time, they should 'relax' on a coat hanger. The other suits (with fiber fineness less than 150's) should not be worn everyday, too. Give them at least 24-hour 'breaks' - wool will allow wrinkles to fall out and the suit's original shape will be recovered. Another (fastar) method is to lay the suit in a steamy bathroom. ATTENTION: Must avoid contact with water.

3. The storage of a men's suit has to be on a wide shoulder suit hanger. This assures that shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls will not wrinkle - and they are extremely important for the look of your jacket. There should be space between the suits in the wardrobe, so they can breathe.

Proper care for best men suits

4. Dry cleaning is the best choice for cleaning a men's suit - fine fibers are not tolerant to home experiments.

5. Do not iron your suits at home. Ironing a suit jacket is a complex process, because it has many forms, which should be ironed carefully with special presses.

And finally after you already know these simple rules for buying, carrying, storing, cleaning and ironing your best men suits,
you can care for yours in the proper way and they will thank you.

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