Milano Unica - All about the XXV edition of the Italian top end textiles and accessories trade show

Milano Unica will take place from 11 to 13 July at Rho Fiera Milan. The Fall/Winter 2018-2019 edition of Milano Unica, the Italian textiles and accessories trade show that responds to the emerging trends of the top end fashion industry, will open its doors on July 11, anticipating the usual appointment by two months.
The leitmotif of Milano Unica exhibition is a look into the future of Italy's best tradition and the fair gathers the top players in the market: in the three days of the trade show, over 400 Italian businesses will showcase their top production, the result of increasingly innovative production processes. Good taste, fine craftsmanship and expertise combine to develop internationally recognized top quality products.

Why is Milano Unica the Italian top end textiles and accessories trade show

Milano Unica is the universe of top end textiles and accessories for womenswear and menswear.

It was first organized in 2005, resulting from the merger of five separate trade shows which contributed to the international success of Made-in-Italy and Made-in-Europe textiles: Ideabiella, Ideacomo, Moda In, Shirt Avenue and Pratotrade. Despite the single context provided by Milano Unica, Ideabiella, Moda In and Shirt Avenue maintain their own identity, playing a central role in representing the textile excellence of the various districts.

Milano Unica is a hub combining and promoting the best producers in the industry. Characterized by Italian style in terms of accueil and taste, Milano Unica anticipates the future by introducing the new July appointment that replaces the September exhibition to better respond to the ongoing changes in the world of fashion.

Milano Unica

Milano Unica Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Trends

Cinema and fashion: contaminations and suggestions

Cinema, like fashion, is magic. Imagination, creativity and ability to convey unique emotions. The big screen serves as the point of departure for presenting the four themes that Milano Unica has identified forFall/Winter 2018/19 , analyzing the link between cinema production and fashion and imagining unusual collaborations: four famous directors tried their hands at shooting movies and TV series made by other artists, yet close to them in terms of suggestions, similarities and intuitions.

THE EIGHTIES - like for instance, in the family saga of “Dynasty”, close – in some ways – to the way Americans imagine the Trump ideal, whose keywords are excess, ambition and luxury, much like the typical situations described by Paolo Sorrentino in “The Great Beauty”. In the fashion lexicon this translates into the opulence in the choice of the materials, baroque items winking at haute couture without renouncing an ironic nonchalance when the talk turns to the concept of luxury.

HI-TECH – Aesthetics, speed, practicality. Stanley Kubrick meets Sherlock in his modern persona. The futuristic vision of the director of “2001: Space Odyssey” meets the classic British elegance, transforming it into a new concept where hi-tech pragmatism plays a central role.

UNCONVENTIONAL - Glam pop combined with a transversal, agender and global style. Pedro Almod?var becomes the director of “Victor Victoria”, so that all of its ironic and unconventional characters can extend a hand to those who lampoon around middle class respectability. The result is a collage of patchwork fabrics, unusual combinations, mixes and matches for an uncommon style.

THE JOURNEY - this is the theme of the vagabond spirit, the world hopper that combines Bernardo Bertolucci's “Little Buddha” with the language of Quentin Tarantino, the director of “Kill Bill” and “The Hateful Eight”. The world of oriental simplicity intertwines with the fast world of American culture to give rise to a new style for a globetrotter capable of surviving even in the most extreme conditions, while never neglecting his elegance.

Milano Unica

The events and appointments of XXV Milano Unica

There will be three intense and rich days for the XXV edition of Milan Unica.

Opening ceremony Auditorium: July 11 h. 11.00 am, Centro Servizi, Fieramilano Rho.
ON tour: The dialogue between “made in Italy” and the world. The Campania Region and its “Capri Style” at Milano Unica Milano Unica ON Tour event will be dedicated to Italian creativity, textile knowhow, good taste and tailoring: the origins and the roots are in the earth, develop from the people and are breatheable in the air. Milano Unica presents a side of Italy that not everybody knows, but many love, through a new experience and new flavors, all to be tried. This event will give a boost of energy to the 25th edition of Milano Unica, the edition of the new hot summer season of fashion: “O’sole mio”, the colors and the fragrances of the Campania region, its people, spirit and artisanal work.

Milano Unica Trend Area - The visual and tactile guide to the season’s suggestions and information. A rich setting with essential contents: textiles and accessories productions in the season’s themes.

The Synthesis Areas - The Mills’ window. Panels customized by each mill showcasing their most representative productions. Also available on touch screen.

Textile Designers - New at MU: a space dedicated to the most prominent textile designers. Real artists that support with their innovative spirit the fashion system in its constant search of beauty.

Infostile Area - The space dedicated to trends updates. Models and trend books in a space devoted to innovative creations for the fashion system.

Trade Press Area - The area dedicated to the international textile and fashion press. The most outstanding trade magazines and their editorial products always at Milano Unica.

Vintage Area - The research area dedicated to a historical and cultural asset. It showcases outstanding outfits, accessories, bijoux and other vanity complements.

Video Area - Cinema as magic and especially as the art of aesthetic and contemplative reflection is the source of inspiration for the four trends that Milano Unica has identified for FallWinter 2018/2019.

JOB: Japan Observatory - The area organized by JFW & JETRO dedicated to the top-end Japanese productions. Premium-quality fabrics by 40 exhibitors; the product of unprecedented innovation and the spirit of craftsmanship.

KOB: Korea Observatory - The area of the top-end Korean productions. Organized by Kotra, the area showcases 19 selected companies that guarantee the high quality of the offer.

Origin Passion and Beliefs - The exhibition inside the exhibition by IEG Italian Exhibition group and dedicated to suppliers of made-in-Italy artisanal semifinished products: Leather, Stone, Textile and Technology.

ComON: Now is hybrid - Hybridism is a new way to watch. ComON presents a new scientific lab where fabrics and patterns take shape through the lense of creative design.

Polimi - The Fashion Design School students of Politecnico di Milano, interpret new materials and new technologies in collaboration with some mills: Candiani Denim, Eurojersey, Fait Plast, FTR, Limonta, and host Biblioteca Tremelloni.

Banca Sella - Banca Sella always supports entrepreneurs through financial, banking and insurance innovative solutions.

Woolmark - The area dedicated to the new trends of Merino wool unveiled thanks to The Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2018-19.


The fabrics for the promotion of young talents

The Fabric Program” is the initiative launched by Milano Unica, CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and the Milano Unica exhibitors to promote young talents.

This second edition aims at facilitating the communication between the sector’s leading companies and the designers associated with in the most important US fashion institution, bringing together American designers and the best Italian Italian fabric manufacturers and increasing their knowledge about Made-in-Italy techniques and production methods. 

Three designers: Rachel Comey for women, Siki Im for men and Jonathan Meizler (Title of Work) for accessories. They were given an opportunity to work with the fabrics and accessories presented during the past edition of Milano Unica. The materials will be used for the new collections to be presented during th New York Fashion Week.

Thanks to the contribution by ICE Agency, the three designers had a chance to visit the businesses in loco and Rachel Comey will attend the trade show next July.

“We are very proud to be working with US designers,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica. “Showing them Italian excellence in terms of craftsmanship is a very special opportunity for us, just as transferring our heritage to the future designer generations, who will represent the fashion industry tomorrow.”


Information to reach Milano Unica at Rho Fiera Milano

By underground

For information how to reach Milano Unica by underground visit

By taxi
It is possible to book a taxi by calling one of the following numbers: 02 8585 - 02 6969 - 02 4040 - 02 4000 - 02 5353.

By car
from the
• A7 Genova, A1 Bologna and A4 Torino highways: West beltway - direction North, exit:Fiera Milano;
• A4 Venezia highway: exit Pero-Fiera Milano;
• A8 Varese and A9 Como highway: from the Milan barrier gate, direction A4- Venezia, exit Fiera Milano. from Milan
• A8 highway. Direction Varese-Como, exit Fiera Milano;
• A4 highway, direction Turin, Pero, exit Fiera Milano.

By train

For information on the trains to Milan

From the airport

For more details visit



Milano Unica Directorship is composed of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the three partnering exhibitions:
President: Ercole Botto Poala
Vice-President: Alberto Jelmini
Ideabiella: Alessandro Barberis Canonico, Ercole Botto Poala
Moda In: Antonella Martinetto, Alberto Jelmini
Shirt Avenue: Silvio Albini, Simone Canclini
Past Presidents: Paolo Zegna, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, Silvio Albini
General Manager: Massimo Mosiello

Supporters (partners)
Italian Ministry for Economic Development
Italian Trade Agency – ICE
Sistema Moda Italia – Federazione Tessile e Moda
Municipality of Milan
In collaboration with:
Banca Sella

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