The gentleman's style: Accessories

The style is not limited to clothing. There are various small additions, which complete the image, make it finer and insert special personality through one's choice. I am talking about accessories - those small items, which we brought with ourselves - in our pockets, directly to the skin or as small luggage.

A pocket knife, a small silver scissors, some lips conditioner or cigarette case - these are supposedly small things, but they say a lot about their owner and his mindfulness to choose careful both his clothing and the matching accessories.

The gentleman's style: Accessories

Sometimes attire is ruled by international style and only small accessories give the regional specification to the overall look. No matter if you are in London, Geneva, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro, in the stores all over the world, you can find relatively unified choice of clothes and shoes. Local 'specialties' could be found in small thing - they are linked to the everyday life and reveal habits and relations of historical nature. For men those thing are the sunglasses, the watch, the pen, the dandy-pencil, the cigarette case, the boutonnière, the tie pins, the cufflinks, the ring with a blazon, the wallet, the fragrance, the silver spoon, some Kabbalah jewelry, the walking stick, the small silver bottle for alcoholic drinks, etc.

A tailcoat and a tuxedo are worn with a pocket watch. If it is gold, it would be better if your cufflinks are also gold.

When you are refined, every necessary turns into a decoration. But when you are banal, the things are irreparable, as a television moderator waving in the air with a plastic pen...

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