Gentleman's dress - Evening Party and Official Meetings

For an official meeting of business nature a dark blue suit faintly striped or discretely checked is suitable. Blue ink, leaden, anthracite, mouse grey-brown, chocolate-brown are also suitable. Once again a white shirt with double cuffs with a monogram and cufflinks and a tie in black, in pastel colors, dotted, English or American stripes and in no case other figurines, flowers and Mickey Mouse.

Gentleman's dress - Evening Party and Official Meetings
Richmart men's suit for an Evening Party or an Official Meeting

According to Oscar Wilde who was very conceited, the knot of tie of the gentleman speaks about him more than secular gossips can tell.

There are three types of knots:
- Four-in-Hand
, which is small in size and suitable for thick silks,
- Half Windsor
, which is larger and more symmetrical, has a fold in the middle and is suitable for narrow ties,
- Windsor, which is a full Windsor knot, the most symmetrical and largest one, in which the wide end of the tie passes twice through the loop.

Fixing with a needle is more stylish, when the tie rises slightly arched over the needle. A needle is not put on a very narrow tie. Never use a clip needle - it's profane.

Bow ties with a ready knot have become very popular, but it is more chick to tie it alone. The pochette, handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket, should not in any way duplicate the pattern of your tie or bow tie - they should be in bizarre contract.

Much has been written about how to fold the handkerchief - fold it in four or fold it in a way that only a small discreet strip of it protrudes or its three corners protrude, or proceed to a more artistic drapery. You can apply a different option every day according to your mood. The stitching of handkerchief must be hand-made and there can be a monogram on it. It is pre-fixed to each pochette jacket and sounds very philistine.

If you maintain a boutonnière, it would be particularly stylish to have a boutonnière - vase, a silver or gold miniature cylindrical article that is attached to the lapel, through which the stem of the chosen flower is inserted - a carnation, if it is green, is a historical reminder of Wilde and dandyist tradition, an orchid which is suitable for artistic and bizarre gentlemen who are prone to bold outfits, a short-leaved chrysanthemum, a lily of the valley which is preferred by legendary Jean Cocteau. Beardsley was so eccentric that he wore an almost herbalized flower in his boutonnière.

Your watch, pen, dandy-pencil and glosses should be in pleasant and spectacular harmony. Your rings should not be more than three - one with your emblem on the small finger and other two together in harmony on the fourth finger of the other hand.

At an evening party you can also put on a colored changé jacket with a colored shirt and a bow tie. In this case the trousers are black. Ballroom slippers with an emblem are very chic. Here precious are the ballroom slippers of Stefanelli, made for His Holiness Pope, decorated with the papal emblem of the Vatican City, which are worn with crimson socks Mes Shaussettes Rouges, Gammarelli version. Even the Russian Patriarch has ordered shoes at Stefanelli, but they look quite Stalinist, besides being unpardonably back.

You may also be invited to a Pajama party and should appear in Pijama Baroque…

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