Gentleman's dress - Black Tie

If Black Tie is written on the invitation, it means formal evening dress or tuxedo. It is worn only after 6 PA.

Initially it appeared in the English aristocratic society as a garment suitable for smoking rooms, where gentlemen seclude, from where its name comes - a smoking jacket.

Its second name comes from the English Club Tuxedo, where it was introduced in the nineteenth century to replace the tailcoat with something not so formal.

Shiny lapels allow cigarette ash to fall freely on the carpet, as it was considered a great indecency to use an ashtray. It was undressed on leaving the smoking room and returning to the ladies.

Gentleman's dress - Black Tie
British actor Daniel Craig in Black Tie set

Nowadays tudexo is a standard for evening menswear. You must wear a black bow tie of satin or silk and a cummerbund belt.

When the gentleman accompanies ladies to the theatre or opera, especially if they are seated in the lounge, he must wear tuxedo.

In England a Spenser is also permissible. The recommended colors are black, dark blue and burgundy red, if the tuxedo is made of velvet. Tuxedo is worn with black shoes, but not patent leather.

It is very chick that there is a réticule in its pocket with a tiny brush to clean ash. There are also two-breasted tuxedos for more informal occasions. Once again a clack or a soft felt hat.

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