The scarf or more about draperies in menswear

As a forerunner of today's warm scarf is pointed the so call Focale, which the Roman legionnaires wore to protect them from the cold in Gaul and Germany. Having in mind today's function and form of the scarf it can be discussed if Focale was a precursor of the scarf or of the neck-ties. The principle of the scarf is unchanged to this days - to protect the neck and the chest from colds, but the variety of patterns and fabrics gives us information about a decorative prevail over pure functionality.

Some gentlemen don't wear ties - they decorate their neck with a silk scarf. When the scarf is woven thick and rough, apparently its warm function is obvious. It can also have a sentimental value if it was knitted by your mother, your sister or your wife. But when it's made of fine silk and it's picturesquely slung - in the style of Marcello Mastroianni - that's an artistic demonstration.

The scarf or more about draperies in menswear
Drake's Ivory Formal Silk Evening Scarf

For formal occasions and receptions, the dress code requires to add to your tailcoat a white scarf of fine cashmere lined with silk, which however is left with your coat or crape at the wardrobe. The best compromise between warmth and formal portliness is exactly this cashmere-silk scarf and it is recommended to be Drake's classics. Connoisseurs appreciate the precious items signed by Michael J. Drake - designer and owner of the company. The choice of cravat, pocket square and scarf will distinguish you from the mass. The scarf can be worn as a clear form of drapery, as a colorful spot, as a men's caprice, it can be in the colors of you college - like some sort of emblem.

During the last men's fashion fairs in Florence, gentlemen were wearing huge scarves, which they were draping differently, depending on their mood. Actually the waistband and the scarf are the most fashionable accessories in formal menswear. Wear them with dignity... not with annoyance.

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