The Gentleman's wardrobe: The pocket square

The pocket square (aka pochette) is one of those ceremonial accessories, which highlight the originality of the gentleman - each of its crease talks about degrees of self-control and self-confidence. Usually shy and insecure men avoid wearing this accessories, because they find it excessive or at least frivolous. And that's how they miss one incredible pleasure... It's a work of art to choose a pocket square, harmonizing with the rest of the attire, which is not too intrusive and can be worn with confidence.

This is the element, which brings life to the suit coat, removing the sense of administrative boredom or business case.

The Gentleman's wardrobe: The pocket square

A pocket square can be added to both sport coat or blazer, even when you wear jeans. Even if you don't wear ties, pocket squares bring that whiff of casual elegance and nobles a sporty outfit.

A pochette's pattern should match the rest of the attire, but you will make the best decisions, if you use your intuition. A pocket square can be made of linen or silk with hand-sewn edgings. A gentleman always brings and a white linen or cotton handkerchief, which to lend to a lady in certain cases. This type of tissues is more elegant to be monochromatic and it's very chic to be embroidered with man's initials. The rule says that gentleman's tie or bowtie and the pochette should not be in the same pattern - they must have a pleasant disagreement of shades and this gives endless options to experiment with colors and patterns.

It's considered very chic to wear a pocket square with green-peas-beans-sized-dots and a few trimming edges. For formal events - tuxedo or tailcoat dress code - the pochette must be white.

There are different ways to fold a pochette. Usually it is caught in the middle so its four ends hand. This middle fuzzy part should be shown from the pocket together with one or two of the ends. More conservative gentlemen fold the pochette into a square and put it in the pocket perfectly flat and horizontal.

The Gentleman's wardrobe: The pocket square

I prefer bigger pochettes and every time I drape it differently. It is very important to match your pocket square with your Boutonnière...

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