Pocket square-history and tips

A pocket square, or what was previously known as a handkerchief, was once a utilitarian piece of cloth, but is now a symbol of a well-dressed man.

Pocket squares are an amazing accessory that can change up your look on a dime. Whether it’s a classic crisp white or a bright silk with a funky design, pocket squares are a very popular piece in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Pocket square - history and tips

Early Egyptians started wearing pocket squares in Hierakonpolis which were made of red linen that could not be washed or the dye would run. This is the first time they were used as purely ornamental. In 2000 BCE they began to bleach the linen white and only the extremely rich had access to Chinese silk.

In 250 BCE, the Roman emperors would drop a pocket square at the start of the gladiator games in the Coliseum to the action started.

The Greek and French (in different centuries) would perfume their handkerchiefs to cover the scents that came from a lack of bathing. This was popular in early Greece then again in 14th Century France.

King Richard of England popularized the pocket square in the late 1300’s, a trend which stayed strong until the 1700’s when fans came into favor.

These are just a few examples of the pocket squares place in fashion history. In almost every country, throughout the ages, pocket squares have stayed strong in one way or another. We have only one tip when it comes to selecting your square and it comes from the Irish: “Carry a pocket square to show and a handkerchief to blow”.

Pocket square - history and tips

Pocket square is meant to add more elegance and style to a gentleman's look, but to achieve that, it must be worn properly.

Tips and facts:
- There are many styles of pocket squares;
- Not all pocket sqaures are square in shape;
- Solid colors are easiest for most men;
- Basic white or blue squares are ideal for beginners;
- The fabrics of pocket squares are seasonal;
- Do not match you pocket square to your tie;
- A square fold is the most professional;
- A puff fold is the most casual;
- You can skip the tie;

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