Standard team building twice a year or FOLKNETIKA every day

Why the team building is so important?

The team building helps the managers to improve a lot of qualities of their employer and helps to manage the relations in the company.

The question here is which type of team building you will choose. We will take a look of the pros and cons of both types.

Standard team building: it could be a trip to the sea, or the mountain according to the season where the employees and their manager go to relax and do activities that will help in the office – build a trust, know each other better and so on.

- A proven system of diverse thinking and behavioral elements that contribute to a broad-based perspective;
- Greater possibility for shared and aligned goals and objectives;
- Higher degree of collaboration and communication;
- Stronger team dynamics as a whole throughout the organization;
- Ability to relate to diverse audiences as managers;
- Boundless innovation stemming from a holistic viewpoint on creativity and results;

- Analysis paralysis;
- Need for ultimate consensus;
- Teams that are too agreeable;
- Lack of Productivity;

Standard team building twice a year or FOLKNETIKA every day

FOLKNETIKA: it is a 10-minute everyday team building - aerobics at the work place - a dance, based on the asymmetric meters of Bulgarian horo (traditional folklore dance) - without choreography or stage attire, without learning complicated steps from the authentic dances - just pure joy of dancing.

- Makes the employees healthier and smiley;
- Improves self-confidence of the employees;
- Increases the productivity in the company;
- Improves the focus of the employees;
- Unites the employees;
- Improves the discipline in the company;

- Not everyone likes to dance;

You don’t have to choose between the two types of team-building. Each of them has positive and negative results, you can combine them – practice FOLKNETIKA every day and to go standard team building, too.

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