How to increase productivity in the company

Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to be more confident, healthy and in good condition and will do their work faster and better.

We can say that FOLKNETIKA is a good practice for improvement of productivity in a company. FOLKNETIKA is a 10-minute everyday team building - aerobics at the work place - a dance, based on the asymmetric meters of Bulgarian horo (traditional folklore dance) - without choreography or stage attire, without learning complicated steps from the authentic dances - just pure joy of dancing.

It is known that improvement of productivity has three main principles:

1. Increasing Your Work Productivity
We can take a look inside the folknetika’s vocabulary and compare to the organization’s structure:
- Leader of the horo - he symbolizes the leader of the company.
- The participants of the horo are the employees.
- The man who is dancing next to you is your mentor (employee with more experience) that helps new employees in their development).
- Pace of the horo - every employee and manager must follow the goal of the company / organization.
- Dynamics of the Horo – the activities of any employee or manager. The work is done with different dynamics compared to qualification, personal skills, work experience, but always respects the Pace - company goals.

2. Set deadlines and tell the employees what you expect from them to do. This will keep the employees focused and they will be more productive.
Each person is important in the HORO dance - the success of a company depends on every employee and his duties and if someone does not do his job properly, he will stop the activities of the entire company. Just like in the dance - if one stops playing, the entire horo will be stopped.

3. Work in 90 minute intervals. FOLKNETIKA is a new way of indoor team building with dances, suitable for the office in a 10 minutes break. Not just dances but folk dances that are thousand years old. It is best known that the dance gives special energy and it is the easiest way to be in a mood and good health condition. If your employees feel good, the productivity of the company will increase for sure.

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