How to improve the focus of the employees

The focus of the employees depends on the activity they do. It is known that if you want to stay focused you must change the activities with one another.

If you do something for 1 hour, you must change this activity with another for some time and then when you start doing the same thing after just 10 minutes you will be focused again.

The best way to give your employees the opportunity to stay focused is by practicing FOLKNETIKA. It is a 10-minute everyday team building - aerobics at the work place - a dance, based on the asymmetric meters of Bulgarian horo (traditional folklore dance) - without choreography or stage attire, without learning complicated steps from the authentic dances - just pure joy of dancing. FOLKNETIKA is simple but effective when we speak about work, break, team building and focus.

There is no need to tell that if the employees stayed focused for longer time, their work will be done better.


If employers want fresh minds, they must start practicing FOLKNETIKA during the work days, because if the employees’ bodies are in a good health condition, their minds will be clear and stay focused longer.

Advantages of FOLKNETIKA in comparison with other dances and sports:
- it can be danced everywhere and for every occasion, without any equipment;
- there is no limitation about age or gender;
- it brings new knowledge and skills;

If you want your employees to stay focused, give their minds a break. Try to make their physical condition better and as a result their minds will be fresh and ready for new ideas.

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