The wretched clichés of Pitti Uomo

But how! - First, shoes barefoot, even in winter time - it becomes banal, even when the gentleman has an irresistible ankle. As someone said - One apple is an apple, but 3,000 - that's a statistics.

Checks vs Stripes - 3:0. I think that in the field of men's fashion there are checks, stripes and dots, and maybe a little cashmere figures. I don't count Prince de Galles as it's a compromise solution for losers. In Florence, checks tried once again to prevail in front of the photographers. The bigger the better!

The wretched clichés of Pitti Uomo

Sleeveless bombers over suit jackets - in the form of all kinds of waistcoats and short coats like the men, who where them are going out to chop woods in the Alps.

The idiocy of uniformed and standardized fashion fans - if there is someone more elegant - they die. I've overheard a lady who said she could barely stand them. But they are as witless as a bleached simpleton...

Trousers getting narrower and narrower - a trend leading to tights - real unisex. Trousers are getting narrower and include spandex - some of them are even elastic.

Why slim men don't return to the Renaissance tights? In this way they will show the oval of their package.

Rare colors - a museum of fashion. Crazy rivalry who is wearing a rarer color. An exhibiton of parrots. But rare colors are in the museum of clothing in Florence and have a genuine charm, cultivated from the time.

The wretched clichés of Pitti Uomo

Monk-Strap & Double Monk-Strap Shoes - these are currently the two most popular shoes models. The first are worn by addicted to the English attitude, even if they are French, and the second - by sophisticated and refined ointmented frants.

Japanese perfection with amazing prices - Japanese already know how to produce both slippers and Bottine Balmoral at reasonable prices - three times lower than London's. Then we can go with moccasins!

The sash - the gayish grand cliché at Pitti Uomo! The voluminous, cape-like sash, lugging hereabouts by the sham Lord of Foundation is the most unbearable fashion cliché in Florence. It's recycled for 5 years more or less.

The Lumber beard - oh, God, what an annoyance a la Karabas Barabas!

Forgive me for honesty!

The wretched clichés of Pitti Uomo

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