The Tattersall Check shirt for the weekend

To the British country life, among the Barbour jacket and the Hunter wellies, unconditionally belongs the checked shirt in the natural 'white' color of the wool, which is actually pale beige. But the key element of this shirt is the check in dark brown, wine red, green, blue and black, a.k.a Tattersall Check. The name of the pattern comes from the racehorse auctioneers Tattersalls, where the horses' veils were decorated with this check. But this doesn't mean that wearing it, you would look like a mule...

The Tattersall Check shirt for the weekend

Today the Tattersall Check is not just a symbol of the English country life, but rather an integral component of the classic Weekend-Outfit - particullary for Fall and Winter. The perfect combination is with a cashmere pullover or a tweed jacket or even a blazer.

Americans adapt this typical English check as a simple pattern for a Button-down shirt and the conservative New Yorker wears this shirt with chinos or corduroys, while traveling to his country house in New Jersey for the weekend.

In Europe this check has another meaningful use - it is worn by the scientists from Oxford, Cambridge and the universities from the Ivy League. Suit makers from Hollywood also know this fact. When a professor lecture, he wears with huge confidence a tweed jacket and a Tattersall Check shirt.

This type of shirts could be often seen in contemporary fashion collections, but their best manufacturers are traditionally English. But American Tattersall Check shirt with Button-down collar is also classics and should be a part of your shopping list for your next travel to New York. You could also find it in Ralph Lauren's European stores - he includes it in his collections each year...

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