The real meaning of Luxury

As Coco Chanel has sarcastically noted - the opposite of luxury is not poverty but vulgarity. Sadly, in our country luxury usually can't avoid being very expensive literal and figurative display of vulgarity. And such an abuse of the 'lifestyle' concept.

I could jokingly assume that there is lifestyle without style, and lifestyle without life, and why not, in more severe cases, without both...The real meaning of Luxury

To have a style means everything - from cufflinks to the cup of tea, from your dressing gown to the water taps in the bathroom - to be in wonderful harmony, instead of using the fetishes of the richness. To have a lifestyle means, above all, to be alive, not half-dead buried by your possessions.

The ownership of luxury goods does not mean that the owner fully understands what exactly is luxury in them, except their high price and the fact that their prestigious presence is a sign of a social status. Luxury is also a denial of something in the name of something else, not a prestigious consuming of everything.

It is not understood that luxury is also conservative. Luxury things are those following traditions and giving peace of the the centuries' permanence.

Luxury is a limited edition, or even a solitaire - something made in a single unit. In Bulgaria, ready-to-wear - not haute couture - is considered luxury, gingerbread instead of cleaned lines, the substitute instead of the original.

Luxury is solitaire, eternal and ultra lexical - when something is made especially for someone, you can see in it the eternity, not just the simple purpose of use.

Luxury is knowing all these, not only possessing things... And knowing it, to be over things...

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