The Warhol Look - Jeans with a suit jacket

The Warhol Look - Jeans with a suit jacketIf today Lewi's 501 are considered the 'absolute' jeans, they unconditional have their famous fans - Andy Warhol and his beloved assistant Vincent Fremont. Andy loves to combine them with a checked T-shirt, a tie and a blue blazer, creating an entirely new look, who has turned into an legend.

But Bob Colacello, the former publisher of Interview and the author of Parade and Vanity Fair, says in his book "Holy Terror - Andy Warhol Close Up", not the pop artist himself, but his associate and friend,Fred Hughes, is the first to combine jeans with a jacket. That's how the look was created and later Andy Warhol used it, too.

We should believe this statement, because Hughes was more aware about the questions related to attire: 'everything he wore was English: handmade suits from Tommy Nutter, handmade shirts from Turnbull&Asser; handmade shoes from Lobb's. His cologne was English - Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. Even his Lewi's 501 looked as if they'd been altered on Savile Row - the seams were never crooked and there was no extra fabric on the things - but maybe that was because he had them washed and pressed every day- Fred was the first to wear jeans with suit jackets, but when Andy adopted the style as his uniform it became known as the Warhol Look'.

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