British bespoke shirts from Jermyn Street

At 71 Jermyn Street is located the legendary company Turnbull & Asser, which since 1904 offers an unimaginable variety of fabrics for bespoke and ready-to-wear shirts and neckties. If you want a bespoke shirt, you should order at least six pieces and the delivery time is 12 weeks. But waiting is worthy - for both the quality and the prestige, which this brand brings.

British bespoke shirts from Jermyn StreetAt 106 Jermyn Street, we find T. M. Lewin - a company founded in 1898 by Thomas Mayes Lewin. The Lewin shirt has a slim-fit cut and a turn-down collar. With all the conservatism at Jermyn Street, these pretty expensive shirts could be considered contemporary. Lewin are also famous for the wide range of club, school and military ties.

New & Lingwood at 53 Jermyn Street is among the famous names among London's shirt makers. Shirts are typical for Jermyn Street's style and everyone who would like to add an unobtrusive striped shirt to his dark suit will like them. The company manufactures footwear, too.

At 77 Jermyn Street we find Harvie & Hudson, which offers shirts, suits, suit jackets and trousers, but is mainly famous for its shirts. Company's specialty are glaring striped silk shirts, offered in sets with matching ties. The atmosphere in the boutique is pretty respectable and slightly snobbish. Clients from Europe like it.

At 37 and 73 Jermyn Street are located Hilditch & Key - another legendary shirt maker on the street. It is not nessecery to visit England, because the fashion house has boutiques also in Paris and New York. You can order a Hilditch & Key shirt online - Sale by Mail.

In their spacious store, Thomas Pink offer carefully tailored shirts in a wide range of patterns, made from the finest cotton. They aim to attract very young clients and they succeed. The Pink Shirt has a relatively rigid semi cutaway collar as well as more moderately firm collars, suitable for a tie. Thomas Pink delivers all over the world.

I love shirts with cutaway collars as well as those with slightly rounded collar points, but that's another topic...

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