One suit design in three different colors

Famous pianist Glenn Gould, who has passed away happily while making music on his Steinway, always ordered a dozen of one model suits, shirts, shoes, etc. This is a very luxurious version of personality, who doesn't have time to be destricted to choose clothes, and who doesn't want his audience neither to be distructed by the way he is dressed. So, when there is a special mannequin with your measurements at a tailoring atelier in Vienna and a mold of your shoes at a master shoe-maker in Rome, you can easily keep a shining attire.

But here is another, no less witty, version of being recognizable in a ceaseless monotony. And what is it? - One suit design in three different colors. That's how you can avoid the profane note that you have only one suit. Well, the problem with the shoes color is on the agenda, but as we see, it is also solvable... In his three suits, this male model looks like three Eastern eggs...

One suit design in three different colors

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