5 things to look for in a suit

We've talked a lot about the importance of a well-fitting suit for the man, but let us remind you, the Top 5 key elements, that you should take in mind, when choosing the perfect suit, summarized by Thom Browne X The Woolmark Company:

5 things to look for in a suit1. Fit and proportion:

  • * find a fit that works for your body type

  • * invest in quality tailoring

  • * invest in quality fabric

  • * play with the crop of the jacket...

  • * … or the length of a trouser for versatility

2. Fabric:

  • * Merino wool...

  • * … or Cool Wool fabrics

3. Super S number:

  • * a quality identifier

  • * the higher the number, the finer the wool

4. Special effects:

  • * interesting details

  • * working buttons on the sleeves

  • * grosgrain on button holes

5. Finish strong:

  • * a non-conventional tie

  • * interesting tie-bars

  • * unusual footwear


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