How to choose the best fabric for men's suit or coat

A men's suit has the same effect on women as ladies' lacy lingerie has on men.

But the important part is that the suit must be well-fitting and made of natural materials.

Natural fabrics are made of wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, etc and the leading manufacturers are from Italy, England and France.

NEVER wear suit jackets made of polyester or other synthetic materials.

The key fabric for men's suits is wool. Wool breathes, it has antistatic and ventilate properties, it recovers from creasing, it isolates (from both cold and heat) excellent and has inflammation resistance. It is a natural, renewable and biodegradable. It can be combined with silk, mohair, cashmere and others.

Wool fabrics has different fiber fineness - from 100's to 200's /higher numbers stands for finer fabrics/. Fineness is measured in microns - 12-18 microns thickness of a thread. For comparison, human hair has a thickness of 50 microns.

Each suit with 150s and higher fineness is not for everyday use. They should be worn twice a week and in the rest of the time, they should 'relax' on a coat hanger.

How to choose the best fabric for men's suit or coat

Currently waterproof fabrics for men's suits are very trendy.

'Cool effects fabrics' are another key trend in menswear. The structure of this fabric has a special capsules which respond to temperature - they shrink or expand, depending on weather - and thus protect the body against overheating. If the temperature outside is 30 degrees, the body feels it like 20. So, you can keep your great style even during the hot Summer days.

The fabrics are divided into Summer, Winter and All-seasonal according to their weight and structure.

Linen and cotton are the most suitable fabrics for Summer suits.

Linen is a classic Summer fabric because of its weight and texture. It is very pleasant to wear and its only disadvantage is that it's easily creased. It is appropriate for everyday and casual wear.

Cotton is the other Summer fabric, which good for both casual suit coats and sport style trousers.

So, when you choose a fabric for your suit - no matter if it is for an official event, business meeting or everyday use - define correctly your needs and rely on proven manufacturers of both fabrics and suits.

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