Flow and decision making using TOC

Using a variety of hands-on and thinking exercises, lecture, and discussion, this Theory of Constraints (TOC) Flow and Decision Making Using TOC workshop provides an understanding of TOC flow and focus concepts in a variety of environments beginning with operations. Topics include the TOC Focusing Steps, whether we are making the right decisions for the right reasons, as well as applying TOC concepts in more complex flows in supply chain and project management.

Flow and decision making using TOC

FACILITATOR: KATHY AUSTINFlow and decision making using TOC

Kathy Austin is Chief Strategist at Focused Profit Strategies, LLC based in the Atlanta Georgia area, USA. Board Member TOCICO.

She and Gerry Kendall co-authored Advanced Multi-Project Management in 2012. In 1997, Kathy and Ted Hutchin coauthored Why It's Not Luck. Kathy became a Jonah in 1989 and a Jonah's Jonah in 1991.

For the past 25 years, since leaving the US Air Force, she has worked large and small Theory of Constrants-related implementations, both commercial and military, in the US and internationally in Production, Project Management, Supply Chain, Strategy, and Management Skills. Kathy is certified in all areas of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Body of Knowledge (BOK) and has been a member of TOCICO since the first meeting in Atlanta. She is currently serving on the TOC-ICO Board of Directors.

Additionally, she has developed and taught multiple basic, expert, and licensee courses across the entire TOC BOK. Kathy is past vice-chair of the APICS CM-SIG and co-authored/edited (with Jim Cox) the APICS TOC series. She is also an ISCEA Certified Critical Chain Project Manager. In the past, Kathy has held various positions with the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute (AGI) and has been Principal, APT Concepts as well as Director of Operations Continuous Improvement for Delta Air Lines, Inc.

This event is part of the TOCICO 2-Day Workshops Conference in Bulgaria

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