Italian Bespoke Tailoring by Salvatore di Francisca

Salvatore di Francisca is a fashion house offering Italian bespoke tailoring. The company uses Record Bale (Vicuña), Zenith (Lotus Flower), Extra Fine Wools and Summer Flannels to create stylish men's suits and coats.

Italian Bespoke Tailoring by Salvatore di FranciscaItalian Bespoke Tailoring by Salvatore di Francisca

Christofer Kaprelian is an Assistant Tailor at Salvatore di Francisca. He has been in the sartorial business from a young age and learned the fundamentals of his trade from the renowned Italian tailoring genius Mr. Antonio Papparella. Outside Italy, Christofer has learned and worked with famous French, British and Irish tailors.

'First of all is the fabric', says Christofer, while presenting one of the fashion house's latest designs, made of Loro Piana fabrics - a blend of cashmere and silk, combining the strengths of both materials.

Learn more about 'The Art Of Italian Bespoke Tailoring' from the video below:


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