Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends: Menswear fabrics by Cerruti

With a clear and precise insight on the demands of the contemporary man, Cerruti fashion house presents its Spring-Summer 2017 Collection with the aim of stimulating their clients to rethink and update their wardrobe with new colors, three-dimensional patterns and techno fabrics (with water-proof and stain-proof finish).

The effect is due to the use of mixed blends of natural fibers such as wool, mohair, silk and linen, but also through fine and thick twists on yarns, making the collection 'unique and modern', but also practical and comfortable.

Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends: Menswear fabrics by Cerruti

A range of fabrics rich in design and very often characterized by blends of natural fibers such as
Wool - silk - linen (1915)
Silk - linen (2089)
The double-face fabrics with a series of jacquard patterns
Wool - mohair - silk blazer (2836)
Even in pure wool (8272) with a water-resistant and stain proof finish
Different types are created using jacquard patterns such as the double-sided jacket (J2377 or J5313)
A jacket in pure wool developed both using subtle designs, as well as very colorful ones (2808-2809)

The Fabric 3400 in a wide range of designs 3
412 treated wool poplin 'water-resistant and stain proof' accompanied by a series of jacquard patterns
A variation of patters in natural stretch poplin 7163
A wide range of patterns guide the classical Cerruti fabric, 8112
A range of fabrics in a variation of dyed yarn micro patterns

The range of 150's fabrics with a wide selection of designs in various structures, from the poplin 8165 to the classic 8163, which was developed in an unusual color palette in summer tones such as sand, beige and SOLARO.


This range of fabrics is ideal for ceremonies and formal wear, richly enhanced by wool-silk blends. Besides the classical design fro tailoring, there are also jacquard patterns J8236.

This range of fabrics develops a trend characterised by the mixture of wool-mohair and wool-mohair-silk.
A causal/sporty look with a technical feel (1152, 1147)
Including these features, also a wool-mohair-silk poplin version 1161
Casual/sporty wool 2080
Lightweight stretch gabardine 3217

The range of mono-stretch and bi-stretch fabrics (3113) both as dyed pieces as well as dyed yarn
Mono-stretch patterns 7211 and 7212 with a water-resistant and stain proof finish
The 8200 mono-stretch worsted suit includes the classic patterns for suits

A model presents a creation from Cerruti Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collection

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