Where to buy men's suits: Suitsupply

Suitsupply is one of the New York's best suit stops, offering something for every man - both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure garments.

Where to buy men's suits: SuitSupply Where to buy men's suits: SuitSupply

Not only the wide range of suits make the place so attractive, but also that the company manages to keep prices refreshingly low for the kind of tailoring and fabrics that it offers.

Suitsupply formula for success is: 'Straight, to the point and still personal. Fast and effective. Combining craftsmanship with flair'.

Where to buy men's suits: SuitSupply Where to buy men's suits: SuitSupply

Custom tailored suits: From Suitsupply use a thin layer of horsehair-reinforced cotton to line the inside of their suits. This canvas conforms to one's body shape, allowing a perfect fit and elegant look. Store's superior fabrics are sourced from the most respected and prestigious mills in the northern Italian region known as Biella - from Beste to Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Suitsupply website: eu.suitsupply.com

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