Laws of Attraction: Spring-Summer 2017 Accessories trends at Première Vision Paris

From Tuesday til Thursday (February 16-18, 2016) in Paris, France, is held the essential business hub Première Vision Paris.

So, let's take a look at the key SS17 accessories trends, presented during the event:

Spring-Summer 2017 is guided by the captivating laws of attraction. This season cultivates good vibes to attract and bring closer very different worlds. It unites softness and performance, encourages rawness and modernity to converse, binds mysticism with authenticity. This season the balance is to be found between the rudimentary and the perfect, between futuristic visions and fragility.


There is a clear attraction between technology and poetry. They merge to create a sensitive and scientific innovation. A romantic daydream in softened neon shades wanders through a world of well-meaning performance. Iridescent finishes take centre stage. Lace, labels and buttons show off lacquered and laminated finishes. Technologically modified flowers grow in futuristic greenhouses. Gigantic and voluptuous roses bloom. Incongruous florals blend gentle pastel petals, embroideries dripping with beads and metallic punctuations. Infusions of more saturated colours transform zips and ribbons into over-bright watercolours, producing colourful marbled effects.

This attraction also reveals a more natural vein, with the magnetism between primitive inspirations and contemporary writing. We find transparent plastics and polished woods on buttons and buckles, translucent threads, waxed cottons and coated linens on ribbons and labels. Cork surprises and is reconstructed in buttons and sports accessories. Raffia is woven, plaited, knitted, and is found in braids, laces and designer labels. Between primitive Pop and ethnic Cubism, a folklore stamped with derision and tribal influences is visible on accessories. With sparkling Pointillist designs and clashing colour blocks, Summer 2017 demonstrates its originality.

Laws of Attraction: Spring-Summer 2017 Accessories trends at Première Vision Paris


Whether for heels or sneakers, the Spring Summer 2017 season demands comfortable elegance, brings sumptuousness to relaxation, adds energy to sophistication. Technology and natural materials combine to ride the 'futuristic-natural' wave. Flexible leathers and fabrics: Stretch lamb, softened ropes and straws, a washed denim finish.

Facetious comfort is designed with a desire for fun and lightness, and random combinations of styles. A compilation of crests, studs, chains, embroidery and figurative patterns. Studded soles, coloured welts, printed or embroidered uppers.

In the realm of exclusivity, inspiration is architectural, with a tendency towards asymmetry. We find heels with simple designs, transparent but enriched with unexpected inclusions, in sculptured wood, in lacquered varnish.

Laws of Attraction: Spring-Summer 2017 Accessories trends at Première Vision Paris


Jewellery components for Summer 2017 take on an iconic and protective role. Diamante and jewels adopt mystical shades with hypnotic tiger-eye, philtre of spine!, decoction of amazonite, vision of opal, amber premonition. Totemic engravings inhabit filigrees, and are engraved on horn and wood. Charms and long amulet chains play with multi-elements, mixing snake chains, palmier link chain, rope or cable chains with feathers, cascades of decorative stones and linen ties.

Laws of Attraction: Spring-Summer 2017 Accessories trends at Première Vision Paris


Accessories and components for leather goods offer essentials with a slight twist. There is an 'authentic simplicity' version with ethnic braiding and rope handles combining with leather that has been embellished, striated, given metallic touches or aged. A more vibrant version with perforated leathers enlivened by acidic pastel details, two-tone handles, multicoloured weavings and contrasting simple buckles.


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