Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

Made-to-order is a production approach where items are not manufactured until a confirmed order is received - nowadays this system is getting more and more popular, because it saves money, time, space and worries.

The top 10 fashion products, which can give customers high quality and personalisation if they are made-to-order are:
men's suits, shirts, vests, handbags, women's footwear, men's footwear, knitwear, belts, wallets and ties.

Let's take a look at some of the leading companies producing made-to-order fashion items:

The leader in custom online menswear Indochino offers a variety of shirts, entire suits, pants, slacks, blazers, coats, accessories (cufflinks, ties, vests, belts, collar stays). All their products are hand tailored and delivered to any part of the world within 4 weeks. The company offers a customization process, which assures you that you get a suit or set of clothes that really match your style and shape. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

One of the biggest European factories for men's suits Richmart offers made-to-order and made-to-measure suits. Richmart can produce small quantities of ready-to-wear garments (suits, vests, coats, blazers, pants) in short production cycle (2 weeks). Customers have the possibility to choose patterns, models, fabrics and also to create their own small collections. There is no minimum quantity. Garments can be even more personalized by embroidering customer's name or initials. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion productsTop 10 made-to-order fashion productsTop 10 made-to-order fashion products

Italian luxury fashion house Fendi
, founded in 1925, offers a made-to-order service, available in selected boutiques, which gives the opportunity to personalize every single detail of your bag. You can choose of a vast selection of prized Fendi materials that include textured Romano leather and exotic skins such as crocodile and ostrich and an endless range of luxurious furs, including mink, fox and orylag. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

As we previously reported, British high fashion house Jimmy Choo, has launched an online personalization service - Tailor-made designer shoes. Every customer can choose the fabrics, heel height, the color and a monogram of up to 4 letters or symbols on the sole of the shoe. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

French fashion house Louis Vuitton offers made-to-order shoes and belt
s services. With 3 000 possible design combinations, LV makes it possible to choose every single detail from the shape and material to the finish. Gentlemen can also design a belt that matches the shoes with various leathers, colors and finishes on offer. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

Italian fashion and leather goods brand Gucci's made-to-order service provides the chance to customize with finishes and details the New Bamboo, the New Jackie and the Stirrup bags. Exotic skins and color combinations, ultra precious materials, craftsmanship and manual techniques create personalized luxury. Complementing each accessory, made-to-order wallets boast the same material, colors and finishing of the handbags. Every item is available for personalization with the customer's initials on the interior - embossed in gold, silver or dry-stone. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

The Made-to-order program by Made-to-order Paris (combining 3 shoemaking companies - Laszlo Vass, Saint Crispin's, Gaziano & Girling) includes 4 steps:
- Accurate definition of the length and width of your feet;
- Choose the last;
- Combine skins and colors to create the shoes of your dreams;
- Choose the material and the thickness of the soles. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

Italian luxury fashion house Prada launched last Summer its latest made-to-order shoe service, giving a personal touch to the traditional Oxford brogue. From their trademark foam soles to distinct leather finishes, each component can be hand-selected. Customers can chose from 32 colors to piece together their personalised Prada shoes. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

SHI London is a British luxury knitwear specialist offering a unique blend of contemporary knits, evening and ready to wear. Its designs are archived in the Fashion Gallery of The Victoria and Albert Museum for Avant-garde innovation and changing the look of Scottish Cashmere.
SHI Cashmere made-to-order service gives you the opportunity to choose between cashmere, silk, cotton and linen knitwear (in every size) and fabrics in more than 150 colors and time for delivery 2-4 weeks. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

R.E.Load offers custom messenger bags handmade in the USA
since 1998. They cut and stitch everything up themselves, using the highest quality materials available. You can choose between a single strap and double strap bags in different sizes, colors and materials and customize them as you whish. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

Gitman Bros. is one of the last remaining American shirt makers with all manufacturing still based in the USA. Gitman Vintage, a division of Gitman Bros., is a curated shirt collection that pays tribute to its heritage, but with a distinct difference. Their made-to-order services gives you the chance to customize your shirt in 5 simple steps:
- Select a fabric; - Select a collar; - Sleeves (long/short); - Front (full length/pop over); - Size - And Voila! You have your own custom-made shirt, matching perfectly your taste and needs. (

Top 10 made-to-order fashion products

Made To Order production

The European factory RICHMART is a quality manufacturer of made-to-measure and made-to-order men's suits. RICHMART is looking for men's suits brands and retailers who are willing to request the production of Made To Order men's suits.

Richmart services are appropriate for retailers, brands, designers and tailors, who want to optimize their work and efficiency, reduce investments and increase ROI. Contact RICHMART for a quote

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