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What to wear at the holiday party: Indochino
How to buy the perfect suit

What to wear at the holiday party: Indochino

The holiday party season has arrived. Survive it with the help of Indochino and their formal suits.

Online retailers open physical stores
How to sell

Online retailers open physical stores

Many companies often launch online stores without a physical presence in order to save expenses and to be on the market without being tied down by the geographic location. But recently we started to see the opposite trend - men's clothing retailers that used to sell only online started to open physical stores.


Indochino "Travelling Tailor"

Indochino is a Vancouver-based made-to-measure men's fashion salon. Recently they began their Phildelphia journey. The goal of this journey is to connect e-buyers with custom-made suits, shirts and schinos made from the finest materials. So the "Travelling Tailor" offers the e-buyers the chance to get to know the brand and to get a personal consultation by Indochino stylists and fitters.

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