Types of men`s suit coat pockets

After we have discussed different types of men's suits, now let's take a look at kinds of coat's pockets.

Standard man's coat has two outer pockets and they can be:

Patch pockets - they are sporty type pockets, mostly seen on summer linen suits or other informal styles. A patch pocket is a single extra piece of cloth, sewn directly onto the front of the coat.

Types of men's suit coat pockets

Flap pockets - this kind of pocket has a lined flap of matching fabric covering the top of the pocket, sewn in along the seam of the jetting. The main idea of the flap was to protect the contents of the pocket from any rain, and is traditionally meant to be tucked in. Nowadays, the flap is used more as an accessory that completes the style and is more often left out, even during formal events.

Types of men's suit coat pockets

Jetted pockets - this is the most formal type. A jetted pocket has no flap and is mostly seen on formal wear (clothing, suitable for formal social events, such as a weddings, formal parties or dinners, dances and races).

Types of men's suit coat pockets

Some suits have a third outer pocket - the ticket pocket - usually located just above the right pocket and roughly half as wide. Initially it was a feature of country suits, used for storing a train ticket, but today the ticket pocket is seen on many town suits, too.

Types of men's suit coat pockets

Hacking pockets - they are similar to normal ones, but slanted. Their primary purpose was to make the pockets easier to open on horseback while pleasure riding. Now, hacking pockets are worn, not only in the country, but in cities, too.

Types of men's suit coat pockets


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