The theme of the winter fair Pitti Uomo 105 is PittiTime

PittiTime is the theme of Pitti Immagine's winter fairs and the new Pitti Uomo 105 ad campaign, which is directed by Leonardo Corallini and coordinated by creative director Angelo Figus. 

Leonardo Corallini is a Director, photographer, creative director, constantly searching for projects with a human factor.

 «I create formats to portray people, I make films in order to narrate how frescoes were made in the 16th century.  I use the language of digital, of cinema, of documentaries, of applications.  In particular, I have launched myworld where it is possible to follow the advice and the visions, worlds, tastes of the individual people we decide to choose as our reference» he tells us.

 Corallini is currently involved in projects for fitness, fashion and tourism brands as well as cinema festivals, like Tribeca and the Milan Film Festival.

Angelo Figus is a creative director of many of the Pitti Immagine fairs, he is also the curator, with Nicola Miller, of a highly appreciated research space at Pitti Filati.  Stylist and art director, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp and has collaborated with Dries Van Noten; he has worked as a costume designer for the Amsterdam Opera.  He has realized his own footwear collection.

Pitti Uomo 105

Perceived, intuited, tangible, virtual, fleeting, ungraspable: time is not something that flows uniformly from the past to the future, as strictly measured by clocks. It accelerates, it decelerates, always seeking its rhythm.  "There is no single time common to all places; nor is there even a single time at any one place," it's the teaching of Carlo Rovelli, a theoretical physicist and author of 'The Order of Time', a treatise that inspired Liliana Cavani for the film of the same name.

Time is also a reflection of our era.

“Today, new technologies keep us balanced between the real and the virtual. Time and space can be stretched in a referral between reality and representation, the universe and the metaverse, human and artificial intelligence. At the center of all this is also our personal relationship with this time, which the pandemic has definitely changed, initiating a deep process of transformation,” explained creative director Angelo Figus.

Pitti Uomo 105

"Thinking about our January edition, nothing captures the essence of Pitti Uomo more vividly than the rhythmic sweep of time. Like clockwork, each season arrives to suggest, showcase, contrast, anticipate, and innovate," comments Agostino Poletto, general director of Pitti Immagine.”Fashion also mirrors the passage of time, speeding up its collections into syncopated sequences of capsules, eventually finding its groove in timeless designs. It defines the quiet luxury of enduring garments in the constant pursuit of a heritage identity as a sign of continuity. This journey is a constant to-and-fro, revisiting ideas and inspirations that once seemed unlikely to come back, in a world where traditional seasons are fading and shifting our points of reference.”

Pitti Uomo 105

Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 that will take place in Florence, 9-12 January 2024. Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 is Luca Magliano

Photos © Pitti Uomo

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