Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 is Luca Magliano

Luca Magliano, Founder and Creative Director of the MAGLIANO brand, will be the Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 that will take place in Florence, 9-12 January 2024. The designer from Bologna, born in 1987, will stage a special show in Florence.

Photo: Luca Magliano - Pitti Immagine

Magliano is an Italian fashion brand founded by Luca Magliano in 2017. The fashion house is based in Bologna - the city, celebrated as a paradigm of both ethics and aesthetics. In 2018, Pitti Uomo hosted the brand’s debut show, “Guardaroba per Uomo Innamorato”, a collection that points out an idea of personal elegance, by now deep-rooted: luxury is nothing more than a gesture. Since 2018 Magliano regularly showed their collections with a runway during Milan Fashion Week. Much of the brand’s imagery is nurtured by the concept of the “provincia”, a widespread system of dramatic landscape and peripheral areas where people speak vernacular languages and where magic realism happens. Magliano imbues menswear fundamentals with a dark, off-beat and disheveled attitude to make it a natural genderless code. The design is minimal yet chaotic, the tone of voice is quintessentially Italian.
In 2023 the brand is awarded with LVMH Karl Lagerfeld prize

“There are at least three good reasons”, said Lapo Cianchi, Pitti Immagine Director of Communications and Events, “why, in agreement with the Camera della Moda, we asked Magliano to show as guest designer at the next edition of Pitti Uomo. The first is that Luca has an outstanding ability to design the cultural and social canons usually associated with Italian fashion in an original way. A central factor in this sense is his penchant for true teamwork. The second is that we believe it interesting, when possible, to take a periodic look – at the careers, and stylistic evolution of designers who made their public debuts at Pitti Uomo (Magliano was the winner of Who’s On Next 2017 and was the Pitti Italics in 2018, ed. note) and then earned international renown. The third is that we like him – his generosity, his enthusiasm, and his educated simplicity – a true Emilian”.

“Pitti is where our project was revealed for the first time five years ago, with that enormous mountain of red roses which, thinking about it now, gives me a great sense of dizziness and tenderness: like looking ourselves in the mirror after some time and finding the important things again, even if everything has happened in the meantime. This return home, to people you love and respect, fills me with joy. It is the ideal opportunity to imagine ourselves in the future, more Magliano than ever." - Luca Magliano

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