Marzotto wool manufacturing welcomes the International Wool Textile Organisation

During the 88th annual Congress of the International Wool Textile Organisation, Marzotto Wool Manufacturing opens its doors to all the IWTO’s participants on 12 April.

The International Wool Textile Organisation is the recognised global authority for standards in the wool industry and the annual Congress has been the preferred meeting place for global wool industry members since 1924.

Marzotto wool manufacturing welcomes the International Wool Textile Organisation

Italy has always had a strong textile tradition, especially in the production of wool fabrics and today is leading innovation in the industry. The Congress will run 9-12 April 2019 in Venice and the theme will be “Wool in Excellence”. It is a wonderful moment to strengthen the supply chain and secure the future of wool in the fashion industry.

The speakers, including Eng. Giorgio Todesco, CEO of Marzotto Wool Manufacturing, will highlight the latest research and development in wool applications, with a focus on sustainability, traceability and wool technical performances. Since the foundation of the company in 1836, Marzotto has been committed to innovation and sustainability, both social and environmental.

Today, Marzotto Wool Manufacturing is one of the biggest users of fine greasy wool and is working to create a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. The IWTO Congress is a great opportunity to have a valuable insight into these fundamental topics.

About Marzotto Wool Manufacturing
Marzotto Wool Manufacturing is the division of Marzotto Group that includes all the brand of the Wool Sector: Marzotto, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Guabello, Estethia G.B. Conte and Marlane. Marzotto Group is born in 1836, is a global leader in the production of high quality fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing. Passion, impeccable taste and meticulous attention to quality and design reflect the tradition of Italian craftmanship. The Group is organized as a «network enterprise», a network of Business Units which are unique in the textile industry worldwide, thanks to very prestigious brands.

About the IWTO Congress
One of the highlights of the wool industry calendar, IWTO’s annual Congress brings together wool textile professionals from all over the world for three days of conference, where networking and knowledge-sharing are complemented by a lively social agenda.

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