Lanificio Luigi Colombo - ethical production of fabrics Made in Italy awarded by "303 Tuscans"

At Milano Unica Lanificio Luigi Colombo was one of the brands that received the "303 TUSCANS" award for ethical fashion. It is awarded by TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany to manufactures of fabrics made from natural materials, following the principles of Ethical fashion and having transparent supply chain.

Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world’s top producer of cashmere and high quality fibres. Knowledge of raw materials, high technology and experience in traditional craftsmanship are the distinctive elements of a philosophy built on values that create culture and culture that creates quality.

The entire Lanificio Luigi Colombo production process takes place in the two historic Italian facilities of Borgosesia and Ghemme: from the meticulous selection of fibres to their transformation into yarns and fabrics right to the finished product. Each single phase takes place within a vertical structure under the close supervision of the Colombo Family to guarantee the highest possible degree of quality. Decades of family history, work and passion that has already been transmitted to the next generation who is learning the secrets of doing, the values of truth and the humility of knowing that you have to learn in order to be the future.

Lanificio Luigi Colombo

The success of Lanificio Luigi Colombo is founded on research and the attentive selection of the most prestigious fibres - cashmere, guanaco, vicuna, Camel, cashmere yangir, mink, chinchilla, ermine, etc.

The mink is closely associated with the fluvial and lake zones of North America. Its coat is extremely soft and shiny with hairs measuring 12 microns in diameter on average. It generally displays a dark brown colour, which is darker on the back and almost black on the legs and at the end of the tail, with a white area down the midline from chin to belly.

The chinchilla is a nocturnal rodent native to South America. The chinchilla owes its name to the Spanish who named it after the people who first used it. In Spanish chinchilla actually means "little Chincha". Widely known for its fur, it has risked extinction. Its coat is of a grey colour with fibres of an average diameter of 14 microns.

The Ermine is a small mammal that is common throughout the entire Northern hemisphere from North America to Europe and Asia, and is even found in the Arctic region. Ancient legends depict it as a clever animal, able to capture its prey with ingenious acrobatics that resemble a sort of tribal dance. Due to its value and beauty, the Ermine is considered a symbol of purity and royalty. Its fur has been used over the centuries as a decorative element on royal robes.

Yangir Cashmere
Yangir Cashmere is a family of fabrics created from the precious fibres of the Siberian Ibex, an animal that lives up to 5,700 meters of altitude in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia as well as in the high plateaus of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The camel belongs to the Camelidae Gray family and includes two subspecies: one with a single hump, the dromedary, which is particularly widespread in Africa and Arabia, and one with two humps, the camel in the strict sense of the word, the Camelus bactrianus that can survive even in the coldest climates of Mongolia and China.

The vicu?a, the smallest member of the Camelidae family (guanaco, lama, alpaca), lives in the wild on the Cordillera of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.Historically it was considered a gift from Inti, the God of the sun who could melt the snows transforming them into the streams that nourish the earth.guanaco

The guanaco is the South American camelid most able to adapt to the widest variety of environmental conditions. It can be found from the Peruvian plateaus to the Argentine Pampas and the Strait of Magellan.

This precious fibre is obtained from the fleece of the Hircus goat, which has been bred by Asian peoples for over 7,500 years in the most inaccessible areas of the Himalayas.Today the species can be found in the Xinjiang region as well as in Tibet and Mongolia.

Luigi Colombo

The art of manufacturing consists in ninety-four production steps and eighteen intermediate controls: a profession that is born form the love of high quality fibres, grows with research and perfects itself with the help of craftsmanship. Quality is also the consequence of a know-how that has matured in decades of experience and that the R&D office never ceases to innovate.  Lanificio Luigi Colombo creates fabric collections for the most prestigious names of Italian and International Fashion.

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