The ninth edition of Milano Unica in Shanghai

In the second largest market (with Hong Kong) for Italian exports, Botto Poala presents 78 Italian exhibitors and the new concept for the September edition of Milano Unica: The hub where excellence is Born.

The ninth edition of Milano Unica Shanghai, the third appointment of the new Milano Unica World calendar, is about to open. Following edition two of MU New York and after the success of the 23rd edition of Milano Unica, the textile and accessory exhibition opens in China targeting the same great success obtained last October 2015: “The best edition ever,” says President Ercole Botto Poala.

The ninth edition of Milano Unica in Shanghai
The trade director of Men's Fashion Cluster Dean Manev at Milano Unica, February 2016

The reduced participation of the Chinese businesses in Milan, totally expected due to the Chinese New Year celebrations, will be certainly offset by the clients interested in visiting the 78 Italian businesses, among the world’s most important, showcasing their SS 2017 collections.

Last October, with a 3% increase on the already excellent results achieved in the March 2015 edition, more than 4,000 selected operators visited the trade show, attracted by Italy’s glamorous image.

At the National Exhibition and Convention Center, the constantly growing and evolving Chinese fashion community will come into direct contact with the excellence of Italian textile manufacturing and with the finished products presented at the La Moda Italiana hall within the framework of Chic, thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, the partnership with ICE Agency - the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, - and the collaboration of Sistema Moda Italia.

The ninth edition of Milano Unica in Shanghai
The trade director of Men's Fashion Cluster Dean Manev at Milano Unica, February 2016

The showcased textiles include an array of materials differentiated by a variety of quality products and styles, enough to fully satisfy customer demands. Experimentation, a taste for beauty and a careful eye to sustainability are the key aspects of the super-luxury precious materials re-interpreted in a technological vein. Fabrics feature high performance and the finest, almost seductive, workmanship in handmade embroidery and an exclusive array of prints.

“Milano Unica China is one of the jewels of the internationalization process that we have pursued in recent years, supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and ICE Agency, its operative arm in the world. China is such a big and constantly evolving market, especially with regard to consumer spending for the upper classes and the increased purchasing power of the emerging middle class, that not even the current financial crisis can slow down its development and modernization process. As matter of fact, according to the data published by China Daily based on the research study conducted by Fortune Character Group, more than 60% of the euro 160 billion spent in purchases in 2015 regarded luxury products, a category comprising the semi-finished products of our industry. Essentially, 46% of global luxury product sales are concentrated in China! Purchases are mainly made abroad (+12%) due to the high taxes levied by the government on luxury products which, nonetheless, did not hold back domestic sales (+3%). China (+9.6%) and Hong Kong (+8%) together, with euro 302 million in value, are threatening the leading position of Germany (euro 304 million in value) in the ranking of the first 15 countries to which Made-in-Italy products are exported,” said Ercole Botto.

The ninth edition of Milano Unica in Shanghai
A model presented during February 2016 edition of Milano Unica

The President also invites Chinese clients to visit the new Milano Unica, scheduled for September 6-7-8 at the new Rho exhibition area: “Internationalization, shared objectives, modernization, a new concept of the trade show product along with a new notion of luxury, which will no longer be synonymous with exclusivity, but excellence, will make Milano Unica the fertile ground where fashion sprouts and grows. It will turn from a trade show into a Salon, a one of a kind place.”

Meanwhile in Shanghai, led by the Trend Area, much appreciated also in the past editions, customers will have an opportunity to visit the stands knowing precisely the type of products they are looking for in their market of reference: the haut de gamme of Made-in-China fashion.
“A miniature version compared to Milan, yet very important for the customer, who will have an opportunity to enter the textile atmosphere of the summer edition, acquiring the most relevant information for establishing collaborations with the businesses while going through the fascinating and highly informative areas,” added Massimo Mosiello, General Director of the trade show.

The ninth edition of Milano Unica in Shanghai
A Japanese man poses with the brochure of Be Global Fashion Network at Milano Unica

“ICE Agency again collaborates with Milano Unica in the organization of the Chinese edition. It is a moment of great resonance for the image of our country, because this is the showcase of the industry that was able to retain and increase the European production of textiles and accessories, reaching 60% of the market share, by firmly believing and focusing on innovation and adaptation to change. The initiative is part of the “Piano Moda” developed by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, meant to support and promote fashion product exports to China. This year, the entire ICE network present in China was involved and contributed to extending the invitation to buyers and selected operators in the main trade centers, in particular Beijing and the surrounding region, which were home to CHIC up to a few editions ago,” concluded Amedeo Scarpa, Director of ICE Beijing and coordinator of ICE China.

Milano Unica thanks the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, ICE Agency – the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, Sistema Moda Italia, Banca Sella and Woolmark for their unflagging support.

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