Accessories trends for Spring-Summer 2016 at Première Vision Paris

Each season, Première Vision Accessories (ex Modamont) enriches and diversifies its range, offering international buyers the industry's best in terms of creative and innovative accessories and components for the apparel and accessories sector (leathergoods, footwear, jewellery, gloves, eyewear...).

For the February edition, the show's two forums, Display and Jewel Case, located at the heart of the show, will present the key directions of a richly inspiring Spring-Summer 2016, through a selection of the best developments and innovations from our exhibitors.

Accessories trends for Spring-Summer 2016 at Première Vision Paris


The Display Forum is a source of inspiration and an essential starting-point for visiting brands and buyers as it allows them to discover the season's key trends quickly and efficiently.

In an immersive display, visitors' senses are multiplied and the perception of space is challenged by plays on reflection and mirrors.

The Display Forum creates a mirrored interplay of three trend zones for Ready-to-Wear. They contrast and respond to various happenings around the SS16 colour range which itself creates the true Happy Happening of the season. This space is also where the Bag & Shoe zone and the Denim Focus are found.

Accessories trends for Spring-Summer 2016 at Première Vision Paris

  1. Game Play : A Lego wall encourages you to design your own structure on an interactive and collaborative wall for an arty and playful happening. Augmented reality and playful immersion take accessories to the edges of reality.

  2. Play Tricks : Au sein de cette galerie des mirages, les sens sont désorientés, les textures dématérialisées, les anamorphoses de formes et les jeux de cache-cache chromatiques confrontent le visible et l'invisible.

  3. Nature Interplay : In the heart of a gallery of mirages, the senses are disoriented, textures are dematerialised, while anamorphic shapes and games of chromatic hide and seek create a confrontation between the visible and the invisible.

  4. Bag & Shoes : Art to play. This space is dedicated to specific trends for the leathergoods and footwear markets.

  5. This season, accessories for shoes and bags, belts and small leathergoods are functional and arty, impertinent and joyful. Footwear and bags become canvasses for the expression of creative and quirky, unfettered and freestyle effervescence.

  6. The Denim Focus: Denim Art. In this space, like a canvas of urban expression, hanging paint-stained jeans, dripping graphics and unique hand-painted items turn denim accessories into the spokespersons of urban culture.

Accessories trends for Spring-Summer 2016 at Première Vision Paris

To support the booming jewellery market, Jewel Case will be located for the fourth time at the show. Inspired by mirrors and the world of the marvellous, the space is filled with silver balls, a space where illusion plays on the reflection of light and neo-pop winks, jewels reflect and open on to the infinity of our reflections: metallic chains and mesh in shiny polished aluminium, scintillating cabochons and rhinestones, metallic neo-pop characters and figurines, reflective ornaments, chrome beads and spheres...

Index is located at the main entrance to the show, and is a veritable alphabetical directory, where each exhibitor is showcased in 3D using representative items from their collections

As it does each edition, the show, to underscore the full creativity of the season and illustrate Spring-Summer 2016, has invited four brands and designers to take part in its fashion information forums:

  1. At the Bag & Shoe area, the two French designers for the ethical shoe brand Twins for Peace will present their line of embroidered shoes, GACHA ; the young New York label Sprayground will show a graphic and playful selection of urban backpacks; while French designer Morgane Mathieu will exhibit her collection of small tie & dye leathergoods.

  2. At the Jewel Case forum, Italian designer Silvia Rossi will present her exclusive collection of handmade fancy fashion jewellery entirely Made in Italy.

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