Folknetika is a new type of sport, which prevents from sedentary, stress and depression and serves as prevention against cancer and other diseases. Bulgarian dances are the only dances in the world that are in Asymmetric meters. Asymmetric meter is a musical meter with an irregular pulse.

Asymmetric meters are the key to the healthy impact of these dances and make them different from all other dances in the world. According to a research, made by a group of scientists, the dance affects the nervous system both calming and restorative. The person forgets his/her problems and becomes more cheerful and relaxed.

The main idea is Folknetika to be spread around the companies and practiced by their employees for a few minutes in their breaks during the work time.

Graovsko horo against sedentary at work
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Graovsko horo against sedentary at work

In the world of sickness and sedentary, experts found the key of health of the body and soul. It is called FOLKNETIKA - a 10-minute everyday team building at the work place - a dance, based on the asymmetric meters of Bulgarian horo (traditional folklore dance).

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