Bemberg by Asahi Kasei at Premiеre Vision Paris with premium collections

The story of Bemberg™ heritage has shaped a new future for smart innovation through research, knowledge and expertise delivering a new face of Bemberg™, the original material for modern living.

Since 1931, Bemberg™ is a new material definition for responsible luxury. Made by Asahi Kasei, the company is the sole maker of this one-of-a-kind, matchless, high-tech natural material, having unique and precious touch and feel. It provides cool exquisite comfort, whose smart heritage is born in a circular economy.

Asahi Kasei has launched the Bemberg™ brand in Europe in September 2018. Enhancing core values through a more refined product and process in order to support its partner’s mission to materially benefit the whole supply chain with beautiful products and a straight communication. This is the key motivation behind the launch of the Bemberg™ global brand, taking the next steps on a journey that redefines the future of contemporary luxury with this unique fiber.

This is the reason why manufacture is playing a key role in the global role out of the latest Bemberg™ innovations. Pioneering partner mills for apparel textiles featured at the booth include: A-GIRLS, Alberto Bardazzi, DEBS, Ekoten, Euromaglia, Fiveol Textil, Infinity, Ipeker, Jackytex, Lanificio Europa, Matias & Araujo, Sidonios Knitwear, SMI Tessuti, T.B.M. Group, Tessitura Uboldi Luigi, Texteam and Tintex Textiles. Key lining developments are presented by Brunello, Gi Tessil Foderami, Gianni Crespi Foderami Manifattura Pezzetti and Tessitura Marco Pastorelli.

Of major interest this season are the followings:
- The vegan habotai fabrics presented by Ipeker, the company that proudly holds the record as the first vegan fabric producer in the world, receiving Vegan V-Label certificate on 146 different products that stick to the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label, many of which developed with Bemberg™.
- An exclusive development by Ipeker, made with a unique Bemberg™ - ROICA™ EF yarn created by the Italian premium throwster Ghezzi. ROICA™ EF, that belongs to the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family, is a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified ROICA™ stretch yarn constructed with more than 50% pre-consumer recycled content.
- A premium material created by Uboldi, made peculiar by two different finishing processes: Front side finished with Velutine™ and the back side is a laminated fabric from Uboldi. Velutine™ Evo is a new technical advance in the finishing process from Asahi Kasei presented in September 2018. The finish is refined and comparable to premium peached finishes today, but with a plus, it has a better environmental profile thanks to the reduction in the use of water and energy. A new benchmark for everyday luxury has been set demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to R&D towards smarter innovations relevant to the market. The results are supported by a preliminary study carried out by ICEA according to the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 3rd party testing from ICEA, on data provided by TIFAS and focusing on environmental benefits that will accrue to partners efforts to offer value with values.

Bemberg by Asahi Kasei at Premiеre Vision Paris with premium collections

You will be able to enjoy the circularity of the Bemberg™ story: its source, manufacture and end-of-life credentials, as well as checking the LCA study, signed by ICEA and validated by Paolo Masoni. This is a further step that prove a new quality profile and standard for Bemberg™ with a more responsible approach that defines its position. Full GRS certification, Oeko-Tex 100, ISO 14001, & Eco-Mark.

In this way Bemberg™ adds value to its premium position on responsible issues, starting from the choice of its raw material that are a clear demonstration of the circular economy approach. Bemberg™ is made from a cotton linter bio-utility waste, a natural derived and abundant source, and a truly unique one in the smart fiber arena that doesn’t deplete food or forestry resources.

The unique values of Bemberg™ culminate in three premium brand adoption of special interest this season.

Born in 2009, Ecoalf is today an international reference for sustainable fashion, and the SS19 collection perfectly depicts the intersection between design, quality and innovation. As a brand recognized primarily for its outerwear, this season’s objective was to create new silhouettes, within this family, that would be appropriate for a summer collection, while using new ingredients, including Bemberg™, being responsible, and at the same time, maintaining a contemporary and clean look. The feminine Mia long sleeve Tshirt is made out of a premium Bemberg™ fabric, for cool exquisite comfort and precious touch and feel, upholding circular economy credentials.

Ilaria Nistri, the Italian brand of the namesake designer who, after years of experience in the family fabric business, first presented her line to press and buyers, becoming a finalist of the prestigious Who is on next? competition in 2008. The brand, for the SS 2018 selected several Infinity’s Bemberg™ fabrics for poetical and essential styles. One of the brand’s strengths is its deep knowledge of fabrics and its ability to combine contrasting materials, overlapping or inserting them to create a fluid silhouette that appears elegant yet edgy at the same time. An avant-garde collection of timeless pieces, where stylish research and easy wearing coexist. A quality 100% made in Italy.

Bemberg™ also started a collaboration with Martin Greenfield, one of the world's most renowned tailor company based in Brooklyn. The company, founded in 1977 by Martin Greenfield, realizes hand tailored men’s clothing to meet the requirements of innovative designers, specialty retailers, costume designers, stylists and individuals. For their finest made-to-measure suits, they choose Bemberg™ Yarn Dyed Lining produced in Italy and Japan for its preciousness and exquisite comfort.

Bemberg™ has new Compostability Certification. Innovhub-SSI report confirms Bemberg™ filaments disintegrate at 100% value within the limits specified by the UNI EN 13432, point A.3.1 for disintegration in the composting process. Also related is a new Ecotoxicity metric to EN 13432:2000 Annex E, the compost obtained from the Bemberg™ filaments according to ISO 16929:2013 revealed the absence of any ecotoxicity effect respect higher plants. The Bemberg™ filaments tested for the presence of heavy metals and other toxic hazardous substances comply with the requirements specified by the UNI EN 13432, for the substances listed in table A.1.

Bemberg™ heritage delivers a true precious uniqueness through responsible smart innovation and transparency. The aim is to create contemporary luxury materials able to raise an emotional response in relation to features as rarity, sensuality, research and creativity. The deep-routed knowledge and the know-how of the brand add value to the supply chain, working only with the best amplifies our partner’s knowledge and a dynamic commitment too.

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