Orteks - innovative, young and dynamic structure

Orteks is a spinning factory established in Nigde in 1996 with an indoor are of 25,000 m2 and has become an integrated spinning factory that can manufacture 20.000kg yarn at the present time by its new investment made by using capabilities of high technology.

Orteks - innovative, young and dynamic structure

It was necessary to consider raising requests in textile industry by a professional point of view as the days and years pass. By the new ring investment made in 2014, we have started to manufacture compact yarn upon changing conditions and requests of the market. We have enriched our product line by manufacturing 100% cotton melange, 100% combed cotton, injected yarn, mosaic yarn, cirro-compact yarn, ecru, cotton, polyester, viscos yarns, cotton-polyester, mеlange, polyviscose mеlange, viscose mеlange, cotton-viscose mеlange, cotton-polyester moulinе mеlange and flame mеlange yarn. It made a name for itself by this way.

Orteks - innovative, young and dynamic structure

In each passing year, it has reached to a structure easily integrating with innovations by tracking technological developments through its innovative, young and dynamic structure. Today, Orteks continues to render service for selected customers of domestic and foreign market in knitting and weaving industries by all yarn manufacturing types. Their company, caring for personal talents and coordination and establishing a workplace environment accordingly, made it a rule to be successful in business life by its characteristics of work ethic, integrity and reliability in line with their main targets. The purpose of Orteks is to respond quickly to its customers under changing and developing market conditions by maintaining investments and continue to be preferable without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.

Sense of quality starts with raw material procurement and includes all tests required till yarn manufacturing. It does not come to an end at manufacturing stage and is a long process also including customer relations and satisfaction.

Orteks - innovative, young and dynamic structure

All inspections required for each stage are performed by the quality control department within their body.

These inspections include the following:
- Quality controls during raw fibre inputs (USTER HVI 900 and USTER AFIS);
- Quality assurance and colour compliance test during coloured fibre input;
- Control of each blend by samples and in comparison to previous manufacturing (if any) in terms of colour ;
- Yarn quality tests (USTER TESTER3, USTER TENSORAPID3)
Customer satisfaction regarding both quality and desired colour is ensured via inspections conducted at each stage of manufacturing.

Orteks - innovative, young and dynamic structure

Orteks received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in September in Paris.

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