Stone Paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to normal tree paper

Nature matters - every day We Nordic tries to make the world greener. That's why they received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in September in Paris.

Stone Paper is an environmentaly friendly alternative to normal tree paper

We Nordic offers a variety of sustainable solutions in order to meet the ethical and green wardrobe. They have a very exciting hangtag made of stone Paper - an environmentally friendly alternative to paper made from wood. It is a sustainable production since not a single drop of water is used and no trees have to die. It is made of crushed limestone (CaCO3) and HDPE (high density polyethylen).

Limestone is a natural product and much better to use than cutting down trees for paper production. HDPE is a non toxic material, and it gives no pollution when it burns.

The stone paper is very strong, but still soft and nice feel of touch. It has a surface that can resist dirt and water. When you touch the stone paper hangtag, you will not think that it is made out of stone. It is really a nice piece of paper.

Stone Paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to normal tree paper. No water is used in the production, no bleaching or chemicals, no use of wood. It produces 25-50% less CO2 when it burns. It is water resistant and degradable - only limestone is left.

For the necklabel We Nordic makes woven labels from recycled yarn. The recycled polyester yarn comes from re-used garments. They can also make labels in organic cotton or a combination of the recycled polyester and the organic cotton in a woven label that is with a soft touch and look.

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