Larusmiani Tessuti Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fabrics collection

Larusmiani Tessuti presented their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fabrics collection at Milano Unica earler this month.

The upcoming Autumn / Winter 2018-2019 season it’s a ample collection that respects nature and ethical working conditions through low impact productions and careful attention to the origin of fabrics. Larusmiani does not support countries and exporters where there’s no transparency on working conditions or where it is tolerated the exploitation of child labor for example by not importing Uzbek cotton. Among the new products there is a range of organic fabrics and the enhancement of the RDenim collection.

The organic fabrics produced by Larusmiani are the latest range of products, entirely made of raw materials without any alterations or chemical treatments at any step of the manufacturing. Our organic cotton is produced following a low impact lavoration. Production standards follow strictly the guidelines of Biological agriculture, avoiding any pesticides and chemical fertilizers, toxic for the environment and for the final consumer as these substances would soak the fiber.

Among the organic range also a capsule collection made with a new Polyamide "EVO" fiber made from plants growing in the desert lending natural antibacterial, thermo regulators and elasticity properties to the fabric. And most importantly its provenience make this polyamide ‘GREEN’ reducing the impact on the environment.

The prestigious RDenim by Larusmiani collection has been further developed. Through a combination of modern dyeing techniques and an unparalleled variety of weights and compositions, conceived to ensure longevity and performance to the fabric. Rdenim by Larusmiani is a denim family that does not discolour, keeping intact the original chromatic grades over time and featuring higher qualitative standards than classic indigo Denim. Made without industrial washing, production time is faster than the standard and save up to 50/55 liters of water for each pair of Jeans.

Larusmiani Tessuti Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fabrics collection

LARUSMIANI TESSUTI continues its research and development in the name of excellence in the field of premium quality, acquired in the course of three generations, through the special "2.0" line. Functional and natural, the collection focuses on the needs of the international market with sophisticated anti-bend fabrics, granting high torsion, breathability and super lightweights; a new interpretation of the classic range of products, combining great quality standards with unparalleled performances.

The Sea Island cotton, a cotton from the West Indies mainly Barbados and Jamaica, is one of the oldest and most precious variety of this fabric. Discovered and employed since the 18th century, but produced in limited quantities, this fiber is characterized by its remarkable length, finesse and uniformity that guarantee a unique luster and softness. This season LARUSMIANI offers further combinations for this precious fabric. The proposal goes from in 100% Cotton Sea Island to cotton blends like Sea island cashmere and silk cotton sea-silk. Also different types of textiles: from traditional cotton fabrics to velvets.

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