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Made-to-measure (MTM) and personalisation are the new luxury according to Elisabetta Canali, granddaughter of the founder of Italy's finest suit maker. But she definitely sees the rising trend for MTM in menswear as a way of asserting individuality and standing out from the crowd. Canali is keen to stress that its made-to-measure service is different, something that is very much a collaborative process between the customer and the tailor.

The clients of Canali could feel the process and it is an exciting experience for them. Canali's MTM service in Hong Kong will be looked after by the made-to-measure manager and tailor Giorgio Ascheri, who has relocated to the city from Italy. By basing Ascheri in Hong Kong, Canali hope to build lasting relationships with customers by offering MTM services all year round.

The Canali has more than 600 fabrics for formal wear 200 of those fabrics are classics that are called 'evergreen' and never change, and the other 400 change with fashions of the time. They also have 150 fabrics for shirts-this huge choice as a key selling point for the brand.

Canali offers the two services-made-to-measure and bespoke. Bespoke is creating a suit from scratch, and made to measure is traditionally based upon 'master garments' that are altered.

According to Elisabetta people didn't really understand the real quality of menswear. To better express its identity, Canali tweaked the logo, adding the year of their establishment to the name, as well as a stylised needle and thread to the famous cursive "C" logo. The logo expresses and highlights their heritage. So they added the date, as well as the needle and thread, to emphasise that what they do is handmade and high quality.

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