Top secrets for choosing a men`s suit revealed

10 secrets for choosing a men's suit First – select the right breast of the jacket. Single-breasted jacket with two buttons is probably the most popular style, but jackets with three or four buttons are also popular. Remember that fashion for men often changes like the women’s fashion. Only tall and slim guys can wear formal double-breasted jackets, because they add volume to the figure and if you are fuller-figured man, they will make your body look fuller. The double-breasted jackets must be kept fastened all the time as unbuttoned, the jacket hangs and does not look good.

Select a pattern. If you pick a fabric with pattern, check if the pattern is in line and if it matches at the shoulder seam and lapel. If you are a larger man, patterns such as plaids and checks will tend to exaggerate your proportions while accentuating the contours of the slimmer man. Stripes, however, will tend to make a larger man seem more slender.

Choose the fabric for the suit. High quality wool is the most versatile seasonal choice. Cotton and linen are suitable for the summer, because they are lightweight and stylish. Avoid mixes that are made with too much polyester, as the fabric doesn’t breathe well and would look cheap.

Choose the fabric according to your lifestyle – do you travel a lot, will you wear it daily, or you will wear it only at special occasions?

Select a pair of pants: Single or double pleated pants can tend to make legs and hips appear wider than they actually are, while flat front trousers will make them look slimmer. For most wearers of bespoke suits, there will be no need for pleats as the trousers should fit perfectly anyway.

Try the jacket on and check if it fits you. Make sure the collar lies flat against the back of your neck and shows a half-centimeter edge of the shirt. Shoulder should be lightly padded and the sleeves should fall to just above the palm of the hand.

Fasten the jacket and sit down to check whether it is comfortable and doesn’t change its shape.

Make sure the pants sit at the waist, not the hips and fall, slightly creasing on your shoes. Make sure your socks are not visible when you sit or walk (therefore the pants must be little longer).

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