"RICHMART INNOVATION" made way for young talents

* The designer competition was held within the International Fashion Forum - Ruse 2010.

RICHMART INNOVATION make way for young talentsFashion, music and dance merged into an exciting spectacle - The contest for young designers "Richmart Innovation" during the International Fashion Forum – Ruse 2010 was held on April 23 at the City Theatre on the beautiful Danube city of Ruse.

The winner, Nikolai Bozhilov from the National Academy of Art with the project "Recycling Fashion" received the grand prize of Academy of Fashion "Golden Needle 2010" - a unique sculpture by the famous jeweler Angelo Krassin.
The Prize was given by Professor Lubomir Stoykov, Chairman of the jury, and the Academy of Fashion.

Nikolai Bozhilov as the favorite and the sponsor - Euro Stars Ltd., Ruse (Dealer and service of Mercedes-Benz) - received their prize, which was awarded to him by Mrs. Krassimira Stoyanova.

The contest for young designers "Richmart Innovation" was held during the International Fashion Forum - 2010 Ruse on days 23 - 24 April.





Immediately after the official opening of the Forum at the City Theatre began a series of events from day one, united by "Richmart Innovation":

  • Presentations made the companies: "Lektra", Germany, "Eton", Sweden, "Brisay" (Veit Group), Germany, "Pfaff", Germany, "I.N.A. Trading", Bulgaria, Folk Ensemble "Bulgare", the National Academy of Arts and VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar".

  • Demonstrations of innovations - an organized visit to the factory of "Top Man" and BTB with presentations of companies - "Eton", Sweden, "Brisay" (Veit Group), Germany.

  • Art Shop of New Bulgarian University.


Group of journalists from Sofia visited RICHMART store in Ruse.

Mr. Martin Jordanov - organizer of the "Contest for young designers RICHMART INNOVATION" and owner of the factory for the production of high quality men's suits "Top Man" - briefed a group of journalists from Sofia with innovative solution for production of the unique "made to measure suits".

The second day of the forum included:

  • Roundtable "Pro Fashion" - gathering of clothing manufacturers and representatives of entities.

  • Press conference for the media.

  • Fashion portal with defiles of the brands: Markam, Arda, Bordo, Deni Deor, BTB, Magik, Radina-Maria, fashion salon "Bride".




1. Vyara Malinova with the special prize "Young designer 2010" from Real Estate Services, Bulgaria

2 Award Richmart Innovation Spring 2010 received Stefanya Stefanova.

3. Nikolai Bozhilov from National Art Academy with the project "Recycling Fashion" received the grand prize of Academy of Fashion "Golden Needle 2010", presented by Professor Lubomir Stoykov.

4. Dimitrina Tasheva with the prize – “Fashion is Beauty” – from "Brisay", Germany, presented by Mr. Shnaydar

5. Gloria Ivanova with the Crystal Cup - Eton Fashion Prize 2010 - by "Eton", Sweden.

6. All awarded young designers with their prizes.

7. Four awarded designers with the statuettes - Gloria Ivanova, Nikolai Bozhilov Irina Taneva, Dimitrina Tasheva (from left to right).

8. - Mr. Martin Yordanov explains to the journalists what are actually the advantages and benefits to modern man from than to be wearing a specially crafted for him "made to measure suit".

9. – 13. from the Competition for young designers "Richmart Innovation".

Photo: © Anton Markov

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