h+h cologne: Emotions as the route to success

With over 400 exhibitors, h+h cologne will be offering the largest selection of textile handicrafts in the world from 29 to 31 March 2019. Not only current products and trends from the sections sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery and crafting await the trade visitors from all over the globe. h+h cologne also offers a first-class event and workshop programme so that visiting the trade fair is doubly interesting because it orientates itself closely on the demands of the specialised trade. The trade visitors can learn which field-tested concepts can be used to increase customer loyalty and how new target groups can be won over for one's own business. One recipe for success is for example: "Bring emotions into the shop!" How and how easily this can be achieved: The answer is provided directly at h+h cologne 2019 in several of the in total 18 workshops.

h+h cologne: Emotions as the route to success

For example the workshop "Find your style - the perfect style counselling for every customer", which is being led by the Chief Editor of Verena, Dagmar Bily, relies on very personal customer service. She knows: "One could write whole books on this topic! Because it is not just about which colours, cuts and fabrics harmonise well together, but also which individual parts and complete looks match the customer's personality so that they feel comfortable all-round and don't feel like they are dressing up." The workshop participants learn how to create different looks with one jacket and how one can personalise one model to suit the respective customer using different techniques. Next on the list is the workshop "In the mood! Moodboard brainstorming" A moodboard for the specialised shop is a stylish combination between colours, photos and materials such as fabrics, straps and yarns on a special handicraft theme with a very decorative character. "But beyond this the boards are also ideal for information on trends and as a visualisation tool for customer communications," said Gabriela Kaiser (TRENDagentur), because it becomes spontaneously clear which fabrics, knitting yarns, etc. can be nicely combined and thus incite the customers to buy.

Developing successful social media campaigns for the handicraft store
Customer acquisition and communications for salesrooms and online shops are also the focus of the workshop of Mikaela Ioannou (Facebook ambassador) "Social media campaigns". Participants will learn among others how a successful campaign can be implemented on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and how the measurability of advertisements works. And they will be given answers on what storytelling means and why it is so important for the content creation. Companies that want to successfully present their DIY products on Instagram, will additionally be given tips on how this can be realised using simple means by Susi Strickliesel (influencer, author, EMF Publishing Company) in a beginner's course.

Of course the current trend theme handlettering is also on the workshop agenda, two-fold indeed. Sue Hiepler and Yasmin Reddig (May & Berry) are among the line-up with "The art of Handlettering & Watercolor". "Handlettering arises from calligraphy and has become its own modern form of art, it is fun to do, yet there is a much greater degree of freedom and less rules than was the case of its strict predecessor," commented Sue Hiepler. In the scope of the workshop the participants practice among others different variations of typeface design, possibilities of decorating lettering with watercolour illustrations and true to the motto "Color your business" they will create a design sketch for example for their individual shop sign. From A to Z: Watercolour Handlettering" is then on Martina Johanna Janssen's agenda (artist and author, EMF publishing company), who demonstrates how wonderful the symbiosis between calligraphy and watercolours is and how fantastic projects can be created.

Impress with true eye-catchers, hip materials and techniques
„Colour your leather! Working with leather and imitation leather" is the theme of Tobias Milse's course (bag maker), which concentrates on the professional planning and execution of the leather cut. Due to the special "texture" open leather cut edges are not trimmed, but instead sealed using a special varnish. The participants will produce an accessory with a clear contour that also leaves room for colourful accents and creative design. Then its time for the evergreens "bags": Whether tailored from wax cloth in the case of the bag designer Sabine Gerlach (Elbmarie), a colourful and stylish crocheted clutch in the workshop with Ellen Deckers (Polle-vie) or in the course "Looking for a dream bag? Simply design it yourself" with the help of Hanne Mummert (Draft Director, BURDA). The latter will present a hip, retro-style shoulder bag with a clip closure. Here, the trend colour pink gold is combined with classic jeans material. Hence, all three workshops pick up on popular themes that can in turn be passed on to the customers in the shop.

Things continue being colourful in the workshop "With a wow effect: Big needles - bright colours"
Knitting an accessory quickly and easily - this is exactly the right technique and target group address for many young knitters and a smart idea of how to successfully sell off remaining stock. Bright and decorative patterns are also found in the course entitled "Celtic Design", a very old form of art from England and Ireland, which is used for instance for quilts or bags, cushions or jeans. The Chinese knitting expert Wang Lan will present the over 1000-year long history of the Miao, the fantastic techniques of the Miao embroideries and the unique style with fascinating symbolic patterns. The workshop offer also includes trends and innovative knitting design from Finland and Norway, courses on the fashion revival of chenille yarn and macram?, sewing with reversible fabric and how one can make the cult shoes "espadrilles" oneself. Many ideas that will enable the retail trade to impress their customers.

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