The ethical brands that you can see at Who is Next

Natural, biological, recycled materials, today fashion is about being ethical too!
Discover the selection of ethical, and kind to the environment brands. Each of them in their own way contributes to the development of fashion towards sustainable development.

The ethical brands that you can see at Who is Next

With a child’s view of the world, 4 Funky Flavors is inspired by and wants to make the world more colourful, full of enthusiasm and positivity. At the heart of the brand’s philosophy is their desire for sustainable development, and an ambition to be a completely ‘environmentally friendly’ firm.

CUS’ creations aim to express their love for beautiful things, the planet and its preservation. Their collections are designed to maximise benefits for people, while minimising their environmental impact.

EKYOG’s purpose: combining fashion and commitment. Since 2003, the brand, respectful of both nature and people, has created a love story between fashion and commitment. For EKYOG, combining sense with pleasure, and fashion with ethics, enhances products and those who wear them. Their mantra, “look good, feel good, do good”.

This biodegradable swimwear brand was born at the end of 2016 from the passion of two Brazilian sisters, Cecilia and Mariana, for fashion and the beach. The timeless and ultra-comfortable bikinis have a clean aesthetic. The lycra that is used is made from biodegradable DNA made using new technologies for controlling CO2 and UV protection.

Off The Hook, is a trainer brand with a refined and resolute image, that is respectful to the planet. Combining the need to pay attention to the fragility of the planet and escaping the everyday, OTH produces their shoes in Europe, and produces unique, hard-wearing soles sourced from recycled tyres.

Created by two childhood friends, Panafrica was born from a shared ambition: to make trainers in a different way, respecting those who produce them as well as limiting their social and environmental impact. The brand gives back 10% of their profits to their partner organisations in Africa. The colourful and comfortable trainers meet the global need for sustainability that they currently have.

SKFK is more than a brand, it has a responsible spirit. With its unique identity, exclusive prints and eco-friendly production, SKFK has made sustainable development a source of inspiration and a different way of life, because a different fashion industry is possible. Concerned about respecting the environment and responsible consumption, all their collections are designed in the heart of the Basque Country and produced in Portugal, China and India, according to the origin of the raw materials. SKFK thinks of its production process down to the smallest detail, which now earns them a ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘Gots’ certification for their organic cotton and social action. Recognising that the future is in recycling and the intelligent use of materials, SKFK has developed a programme to recover and recycle all their clothing, as well as publishing the CO2 emissions associated with the production of their clothes, in comparison to the market standard.

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