Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

Ruben O is the brainchild of Ruben Opheide, tailor in heart and soul and fancier of all that relates to the British gentlemanship. Together with his mentor and renowned Belgian master tailor, the most refined suits, blazers, shirts and trousers are designed.

Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

Ruben Opheide is responsible for the customer relations and styling. Luc takes care of the technical aspect of it all. The best of both worlds for an outstanding result.

Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

Ruben O works on a superior level concerning the products as well as the framing and his work method. This means that they guarantee discretion, qualitative craftsmanship, outstanding quality and service.

Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

Within Ruben O, their suits are exclusively tailor-made. The reason for this is that the only correct suit should simply be tailored and custom-made. Besides having a extraordinary fit, they only use the best Italian and British fabrics. Well-known Ruben O partners are Scabal (BE), Holland&Sherry (GB), Ermenegildo Zegna (IT) and Carnet (IT).

Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

Ruben O is one of the few whom can comply with the world-known Sartoriale-label. The term literally means ‘handmade in Italy’. The sewers and their master tailors possess years of expertise to finish every piece to perfection. They promise that these details will not be left unnoticed.

Ruben O - the premium traveling tailor

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