Italian suits by M. Bardelli

Quality and variety are the key words to describe Bardelli's philosophy: every single suit, coat, shirt or tie are chosen individually according to a precise sense of style and elegance always looking for favoring excellence.

Italian suits by M. Bardelli

A large selection of tuxedos, tail coats, morning coats, waistcoats, accompanied by all the according accessories, can be experienced in Bardelli's store.

An in-house tailor's department offers a team of talented master tailors who can perfectly meet any requirement of the customers. Thanks to their experience, clients can have jackets, suits, coats and shirts created expressly according to their personal taste.

Italian suits by M. Bardelli

You can find the any possible items which a men's wardrobe requires: suits, jackets, coats, short coats, raincoats, pants realized in the most precious fabrics from wool to cashmere, from linen to cotton.

Italian suits by M. Bardelli

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