How to choose the suit's fabric according to the season

The famous tailor Luciano Barbera gives advises for choosing the suit according to the season and what are the materials we should prefer.

Everyone knows you wear wool in the winter, linen in the summer, and a straw hat from June 15th to Labor Day. Everyone is right. Therein lies the problem. Follow these rules and you will look like everybody else. It is better that you display a little originality.

Be yourself as much as you can. Don’t follow things that you don’t believe in.

How to choose the suit's fabric according to the season

Personally, Barbera prefers grey flannel suits in winter. In summer, sand and sea blue always look fresh. And on the cloudiest of days, a bright pop of color can bring happiness to your life.

This is the true way to become elegant – to be dressed perfectly for the moment you are facing.

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