Men's fashion trends Fall/Winter 2013/2014

For the upcoming fall/winter 2013/2014, designers are trying to diversify the male wardrobe with new and original suggestions.


The cold seasons are coming but the colorful wear is still in fashion. Men are going to save the summer's memories with colorful suits. The suit are suitable for the daily life and the formal occasions. The top colors are red and blue and all of their variations.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013


This season the jacket are short. The models remind us the 80's-simple but stylish. They could be leather or knitted, yes I told knitted. The knitted wear this year is a new trend in the men's fashion but really successful integrated into the men's life.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013

The brick red

Again the colors- brick red. This is natural colors that you can see in pants, suits, sweaters, shirts, coats. It unions style and color. Sometimes it is more orange than red but the idea is the same.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013


The figures are the hit especially the geometric ones. You can see them in pants, coats, jacket and suits. The colors are the shades og grey and black. The figures become an integral part of the men's wardrobe. The floral and the ethnicmotives are still modern.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013


This year the coats are the two opposites- light and dark/ The light are beige and the dark are in the traditional black. The models are the boundary between sport and elegance so they are appropriate for almost all of your visions.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013

The brown

The last but not least key trend about the upcoming season are the brown in a combination with yellow. These colors are common in nature. The combination reminds me about tree, actually the tree's stem. It is associated with strength as the man. The two colors look terrific together. The combination is colorful, fresh and natural. It is suitable for man that can't wear something like pink or purple but want to try something different from white and black-this is the average.

Men trends fall/winter 2013 Men trends fall/winter 2013

A major trend in men's fashion is to order made-to-measure suits. The Bulgarian producer Richmart has an interesting offer, see below.


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